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11 commentarios

I absolutely need your abandoned world bases 25mm. Any way to commission you for some? I have no 3d printer 😞

Hello ! amazing work
i realy want start Skaven army and i want buy and use you sewer bases but i have 2 small problems
- few models are on 90x52mm base ( for example Thanquol ) - any chance you can add 90x52mm base ?
- and they have many models on 120x92mm base ( for example verminlords / catapults / cannons / GS on scraming bell ) - can you add additional 2 bases of this size ? sadly cannons etc dont fit on base in this pack :(

thx for answere have a nice day Sir !

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Is it possible to get your fortress of the sacrad bases with out supports?

Added to the bundle

Hi! Where I can find your demonic manifestations stl?

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Really, sorry for the late reply however I had an issue with the notifications from cults.
The Demonic Manifestation are now on the store:)

Sales on all the available Base Set till the end of July!!!

Hi all!!! 25% off for the month of May on the MyMinifactory Apocalypse Store with the code: **MAYTHE25OFF"

Hope this feature will be available on cults soon!!!

Don't forget to check for the freebie on the main page too

Thank you all for the interest and support 🙂

Hey all!!! I have recently uploaded all the models included in my last Kickstarter project, DeFenceee!!!

Wooden stake structures, terrain props and dynamic models for resin printing!!!🤯

Don't forget to check my newly launched Patreon page:


Hello, are your SWAMP BASE SET (9 DECORATED STL FILES//6 DIFFERENT BASE SIZES) bases hollow underneath?

Hi there!!!
No, those models aren't hollowed underneath

Added the 25mm round version of the Skull Pile base. It is also included in the Skull Pile base bundle as well in my kickstarter campaign (9.8 $ to receive all the listed models in the shop)

Hi!! Do you mean the ones with a lot of skulls on it (skullpile) ? If so no problem! ;)

I really like your skull bases but I need a 25mm base too. Will you be making on for the collection?!

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