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I TRIED THREE credit cards, all declined. theyre all good cards with plenty of money

I'm sorry, you should contact Cults3D about that issue. I have no control over the payment processing on the site.

Hi, is there anyway of seeing your welcome pack please, I am interested in a Patreon but not sure if this is the best for me.

Thank you in advance Jill

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Hi! I am actually planning on putting my Welcome Pack in my Patreon banner, I just haven't gotten to it yet. But the welcome pack includes the flexi sea dragon and baby sea dragon, dragon fidget spinner, twin dragons dice tower, butterfly jewelry set, baby fox flexi keychain, fox flexi, cat flexi, dragon heart box, dragon can holder, wine bottle holder, dragon planter/container/dice guardian set, card holder, desk organizer, and dragon bookends :) Plus all of the patreon exclusives, last month, and current month files :)

Thank you

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No problem! :)

Hello, first of all congratulations on the piece! I bought the file of this dragon dock and I have an Ender 3 pro and I can't print it because it doesn't fit on my printer (225x225)... Is there any way you can help me? Either with the STL in parts or is it possible to reduce the size a bit without losing the function of inserting the nintendo switch dock? Thank you

Hi! Thanks so much for your support! I believe I responded to your question on Instagram DM :)

I absolutely love your designs! I especially love the dragon can koozie! Is there any way you could make a can koozie with a dog on it?!
Thanks for all the designs.

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Aww thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoy them! :) And a wolf koozie is actually on my list to do soon! ^.^

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I ordered the dragon castle desk organizer and the tower downloaded fine but the other would not download the message was damaged file.

Hey there! Thanks so much for reaching out. I just checked my file and am not seeing any errors on my side, and haven't heard of any issues from anyone else. I'd suggest try and re-download the files again and see if that fixes the problem. It won't open in your slicer or won't download at all?

I also just checked it and it looks like the tower lid piece is a bit larger of a file than the base tower, so I downsized that file a big in case your computer was maybe having trouble handling the file size. Let me know if that helps!

with the inside the top ni must be doing something wrong as it prints all stringy

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Hi! Are you printing it with or without supports under the top? :) If you're doing it without, your printer may be having a hard time with bridging and you can add supports which should help :). If you have supports, you can try removing them and see if that helps smooth it out.

don't think it has supports I'm only new to 3D printing

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Got'cha! You can give it a try adding supports in your slicer settings, that should help if it's struggling without :)

just googling how to thanks heaps

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Sounds good! I hope that helps ^.^ I'd love to hear how it does! Let me know if you have any other issues and I can try and help :)

Hi: this jewelery box cover will not print without supports on both Prusa MK3S+, and the Bambu X1 Carbon

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Hi! Thanks so much for the feedback! Every printer handles bridging a bit different, my X1C and Prusa MK3 handles it fine and so far most people I've gotten feedback from printed well without supports :). But it's why I specify that they're not needed on "most" printers, but can't guarantee for all since printer tunings vary :).

Hi, thanks for the Jewelry Box design! A couple of notes/Qs:
1) When the bottom slices, it shows a curious area inside the box that also comes out in the print:
2) The page mentions no supports needed, but I'm not sure I see a way to print the lid without completely supporting the interior?

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Hi there! Thank you so much for pointing out that odd layer so I can go fix it! Very weird, it didn't show in my print but I can see it in the slicer.
And because the top of the box is a straight bridge across and not a curved overhang, many printers do okay with that bridging and then building on top of it :) Of course that may very by printer, but I've had several other people test it without supports and it printed fine! :) Of course you know your printer's capabilities best and what you're most comfortable with.
Thanks so much for your feedback! <3

Just purchased the flexi cat, have you tried to scale it smaller than 75%?

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Thanks so much for your purchase! :) One of design testers tried scaling it down to 50% size on their Bambu and it printed okay but they said a lot of the leg joints were stiff and such. So I don't highly recommend it but depending on your machine it can be possible, just doesn't move as fluidly :)

I printed it at 75% and does not flex well. My printers all do the coin tolerance test at .10mm. I would think making a 50% model with .01 gaps would be a good addition. As it is , you must print it very big to have it function as designed.

Interesting! Good to know. My Patreon testers didn't have issues with 75% but everyone's printers are a bit different so the feedback is great!

Hi I'm interested in the Dragon Headphone stand. Does it have to be printed in parts for the proper size for headphones? Or what percentage do I increase the single file to print to be the size for headphones. Thanks.

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Hi there! For my printer specifically it had to be cut up and wouldn't fit my printer otherwise. Larger printers would be fine but it will also require more supports standing up vs how it's cut up. For my headphones it would need to be sized up to 228mm tall for the size in the pics :). Let me know if that helps!

Hi, just a quick note to let you know that I had problems with the print in place joints. It was necklace 4, the one designed to hang by the tail. The first time I printed it the joints completely failed, but I have chalked that up to my Ender not being perfectly dialed in. The second time I printed the joints were intact but snapped when removing from the build plate. I just thought I would let you know they are extremely delecate not sure if they can be beefed up somehow. I ended up printing necklace 5 and used jump rings to attach the parts and threaded a chain. My daughter is very excited. I will be posting pics of my makes on here and the 3d printing group on facebook :) I can't wait to see more dragons to print.

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Hi, thanks so much for the info! My testers didn't have issues with them breaking so that's good to know! It's also why I recommend them be used with jewelry rings for best strength lol. I'll see what I can do about beefing them up a bit while keeping the similar sizing.

Thank you so much for the print I love it have going on the printer now

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You're so welcome!! I hope you enjoy it :)

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