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hello good afternoon, I like your models a lot, but I wonder has the textures?

Kommen sie aus Deutschland? Ich hätte mal eine frage an sie.

I just downloaded one of your designs , could not believe it was free , i have bought designs not as good as yours , thank you,
Have you any intensions of doing more chess pieces to go with your king
Again , Brilliant,,,,,and thank you

I wanted to ask if you do commission for I would need a stl file for printing. I hope you don't mind me asking.
Kind regards

Hello, I've remixed your model of Citroen Berlingo to a bolted-on spinning wheels. Can I share the model on thingiverse, with a link to your model?

Can you create models for all Hindu Gods? Like Krishna, Ganesha, Shiv, Lord Brahma ,

Hi, I am trying to print "beautiful girl 17" but it seems there is a problem with her face. It starts with the neck which seems to end the body at about 15 degr. It looks like the head is put on afterwards. The print of the head is hollow at the front. Taking a look at the slices, most of the front of the face is missing. Her whole face looks like a zombie. There are some artifacts visible on the left side of her neck. I use Slic3er and also checked it with Netfab but so far I have been unable to fix the problem. Any help is appreciated.

bonjour,j'ai vu votre travail pour imprimante 3d,,d'ou ma demande,je recherche une personne qui pourrait modéliser des personnages 15 cm de haut environ,différente poses, et m'envoyer les fichiers afin que je puisse les faire imprimer en 3d,) es possible?et à quelle condition,
d'avance merci pour votre réponse,cordialement,

Hi, I find your models beautiful. I have downloaded, slightly modified, enlarged, printed and post processed some of them and would be happy to share pictures. I would also like to know under which license you make these incredible models available.

Hi friend!! you have a really good account.
It's possible that you have a Argentine Dogo ???

Thank you so much