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I purchased the FLEXI PRINT-IN-PLACE IMPERIAL DRAGON and now my print only prints half the dragon do you know why this would be happening.

Scrub through the slicer and make sure the file is not corrupt. You may need to redownload. But if it slices correctly and just stops printing...clog possibly?

Hello, I downloaded the Skeleton and get the error in my slicer. (bambu slicer). Error: 8 non-manifold edges, then says to repair the model in the windows version of my slicer or CAD software. wondering if you head this before or if you think it's something i can ignore.

Hello. I do check everything in various slicers (and these messages can usually be ignored). I believe it is not an issue and can move forward to printing. The design is sound and has been printed tens of thousand of times on soo many printers :) Just scrub through the layers and make sure there was not an error in the download process...and you should be good to go.

Yeah, after reading abotu the error it really should just be a warning. I printed one scaled down a bit to see and all was fine, great job with the design. I'm now printing one scaled up 155% or so and it looks great. multi color too. bone rainbow filament with white eyeballs, black for the nose cavity and behind the eyes/teeth, lastly a tan for the teeth... (hour 13 of 15 right now)

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Dose the large version have a hole to hang from

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Yes, i just downloaded and there is both styles for the small skeleton and the large (split) skeleton.

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Yes :)


Sorry you feel that way. I love help troubleshooting and test print a ton so errors are limited. Also, this is a general message board and unfortunately, I do not know what model you are referring to.

i was referring the flexi skull astronaut print but did not know it was a limited item before paying for the patreon fee.

What do i need to do and cost to be able to print and sell your designs on etsy please?

Hello, Membership for Seller Authorization is at

Thanks a million

i am very interested in your flexi skull astronaut print, where and how can i get it? i paid for patreon and its not there please help

As advertised on my membership sites, Exclusive models are not available after the month they are released. They are limited.

I understand being a pensioner and times being a bit unstable at the moment the outlay of membership is a bit beyond my means but thank you for responding. We will be posting makes very soon Pat is painting the models we have bought from your listings and have to say we are overjoyed with them as was our grandniece she couldn't wait to take them into school especially foxy

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Sometimes the server gets busy here and the files may not download correctly. Please try to download again as it may be corrupt.

Hello, how are you? Congratulations, your models are incredible! I bought the Phoenix but I've tried it in different ways more than 5 times and I can't get it to print, I've tried using Brim on specific parts, I've tried Brim on the entire piece, I've used fixing spray on the table but some parts of the wings always come off. I can print several other pieces normally, I'm almost giving up on printing this model, do you have any tips to give me please?

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Good morning. assuming none of the settings are knocking the model from the plate...I use a purple glue stick after i clean the plate with soap/water and 90% alcohol. As you mentioned, adhesion is key for all those feathers. But feel free to email your settings too, and possible there is an issue there. I don't use brims very often and it shouldn't be necessary. Also I use 3 walls, 15% infill and layer height of .12 for solid colors.

I usually print my pieces at 120 speed, so I tried once again by leveling the table first and setting the speed to 80, I don't know if the problem was the leveling or the speed but this time it worked hahaha thank you very much!

Ok thank you

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on your patron page it does not say how long you have to be a member? is it by the month 6 a year? or how you would cancel it.
I'm retiring at the end of the year as a crafter as I'm 70 I have one show left and saw a couple of your designs I would like to make 4 of each and sell them but I want to do it legally
Thank you for any information yours designs are wonderful great work

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Hello! The membership is monthly $10 billed when you join and on the 1st of the month thereafter. And you can cancel at anytime before the 1st :)

hello great models, wondering what size I can safely shrink the new tree model?

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I test to 50%. But depending on material and settings, it could get brittle. 3 walls, 15% infill, .12 layer height suggested.

Hi, will you be putting a flexi gingerbread woman on to go with the gingerbread man please? Our great niece is enjoying all your prints
Many Thanks

Hello. I will not likely be adding a Gingerbread women. I made one as an Exclusive for Memebers last year and those do not get re-released.

Hi there I’m having a problem getting the visor to move please provide me with wall settings I would really appreciate it using prusa

I use 15% infill, 3 walls, and .12 layer height. And good adhesion, plus good filament is helpful. If there is any stringing behind the would need to be freed up to open and close.

hello, is there any restrictions on how many times u can print from a single purchase? i have printed one, but have 4 kids and a neice and nephew and iv now tried about 6 times to print another for one of the other kids and it stuff up every time right at the start a min or so in. i can still print other things so am just curious, its also happening with another design i have bought from here (not sure if from you or not but is a crystal dragon) new to printing also. thank you

For non-commercial use you can print as many times as you can

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Correct. you are welcome to print as many as you like for hobby. If you sell them, you must become and authorized Seller through Also Cinderwing is the creator of the Crystal Dragon I believe :)

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hola buenas noches me gustaria pedir un reembolso.

I saw your astronaut in a skeleton version, do you have a file of it to purchase?

I do not. That was an Exclusive for members in September 2022. I do not sell Exclusives to the public and they are only limited to the month they are released.

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Ich habe das Skelett jetzt zwei Mal gedrückt und immer tauchten Fehler am linken Brustkorb auf, sowie an beiden füßen.
Habe ich was falsch gemacht?
Wenn nicht dann bin ich leider nicht zufrieden mit der Vorlage und würde sie bitten mir mein Geld zu erstatten.

Viele Grüße
M. Westphal

Könnten Sie bitte Fotos an senden und ich kann Ihnen bei der Fehlerbehebung helfen. Es ist ein sehr beliebtes Modell und wurde tausende und abertausende Male gedruckt. Oft liegt es an der Maschine oder den Einstellungen. Ich empfehle 15 % Füllung, 3 Wände, keine Stützen und eine Schichthöhe von 0,12. Aber auch bei kleineren Teilen sehr gute Haftung. Und stellen Sie sicher, dass das PLA sehr trocken ist. Ich helfe Ihnen sehr gerne bei der Fehlerbehebung. Ich glaube nicht, dass Cults Rückerstattungen für digitale Dateien anbietet.

The flexi factory print in place skeleton t-rex dinosaur bone file does not slice. Everything else does. I am using cura 5.4.0.

I promise it does. Maybe it got corrupt on download? I use Cura, Prusa and Bambu slicers to test print across multiple please try again.

Hi. I have deleted the file, cleared my cookies and cache on my computer and downloaded the file again. It still gives the error "slicing failed with an unexpected error. Please consider reporting a big on our issue tracker".

My daughters would very much like a princess (instead of a knight) to ride their Unicorns!

Hi and thank you for the suggestion! I do have a princess on my master list of ideas :)

Amazing! I’m going to likely join your patreon! So I’ll try to get it early! Hopefully the princess can ride a unicorn to fight the dragon I’m printing right now!

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I don't have access to download this file even though I pad for it. Same thing for for another file. That one is the flexi hand with the bone out the top. Please advise, Trevor

Nevermind, I figured it out.

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Ok great. I was going to say that it often has to do with the email you used to purchase it.

File is not working for me. After download, each time I click on it, it says the path is too long and cannot complete the extraction.

Could you send a screenshot to please? The file works, possibly an issue with the way ot unzipping? I have seen Apple computers change the extension.

Your newest dino is EPIC ! Thank you for uploading that hehe!


Do you have any other prints available that are along the same lines as the articulated figures?

Hello! Yes, all of my models are articulated. If you are looking for skeleton figures specifically, you can take a look at my full model list here:

Hi. Can you please upload prusa 3mf file for the panda?
Have a Nice day😊

Hi! This was a collaboration for Bambu printers, so I will not be uploading the prusa 3mf. However, it is designed for easier painting, so you can color it in Prusa Slicer :)

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