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Kit is the MB jump infanterie Bits from plaqu Marine files . Opened the files now and the shoulder pads are inside the rar files. in view the stl you can `t see the parts . thanks for speedy answering my request .
maybe you create som infekted weapons ? in future ?

Can you try to redownload file. I think something wasn’t extracted properly. There are shoulderpads there. Let me know if that works.

Thanks all wonderfull stl completed , all things are there

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Are the shoulder pads not included ? Missing them in files viewing all parts ?
regards : Waldemar

Hi, what kit are you referring to?

If I want to scale the 28mm infantry walker legs to 32mm, what would you recommend?

Well they are already designed for “heroic 28mm” So they will most likely be in scale with any plastic gigs out there. But otherwise scale them up 114%. Thanks.


I purchase the USS Essex kit. It is missing the upper hull piece? I pulled all the files into Chitubox and can't find it.

Hi, I am sorry about this. I fixed the file. You can re-download now.

Perfect! Thanks for the quick response.

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What setting would I need to print your TIE Tank, in terms of making it sized for star wars legion

Hi, If you scale up 150% that should convert my 1/72 scale kits into 1/48 Scale for Legion. Thank you.

i purchased the Archer class kit from your personal site. great kit. however the files i downloaded did not come with the window plugs. how can i get them from you?

Hi, I'm sorry I just saw this. I've updated the files. Thank you, Ron

110% Great STLs, super happy with the details on your Chaos Bases and cannot be more excited to use them on my Daemon Prince. However, the 60mm base stl size is actually 55mm. It probably won't matter in the grand scheme of things since I already printed it, but if someone else purchases this set all you would have to do is increase the size by 8.33% and it is corrected.

Greetings. I am impressed with your designs, as an old FASA fan. Have any of your customers scaled down the YT-series pusher containers for X-wing (from 1/72 to 1/270)? Would the multi parts be rather fiddly for assembly at that size?

I would think they would be fiddly yeah. But you can try? On a resin printer they would hold the detail well.

Oh also the containers are for tge 1/144 scale kit. So it’s really only like a 50% reduction.

I was wondering about the Hydro Blue, I noticed the little pockets in the joints. Is the model a statuette or is it posable?

It is fully posable and articulated.

OK, thank you. I was just making sure because there was a zaku 2 I found that seemed posable but it just locked together. And I didn't want to make that mistake again.

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Do you have a recommended scaling to fit the spider legs to armiger knights?

I have armiger ones here. I must have forgot to put them on Cults.

hi there,
there seems to be an error for the space backpack files for the thrusters, its suspended and have no attachment point to the backpack itself. Can you check the files please

Hi, I am still having trouble with the zaku bazooka files, with the downloaded zip showing 13kb and the individual files now having the correct names but being between 0 and 1kb and not loading in any slicer program I have, blender, or meshmixer. I have tried multiple times to download this file over the last week and do not believe the issue is on Cults end.

I think I resolved the issue. You can try to re-download now.

Hi, it looks like there was a mix-up on the files for the bazooka I purchased, the files that cults has for download are for a modular booster rocket.

I will double check this and fix the upload today. You’ll receive a new download link.

I fixed it, Thanks

It looks like there is some issue with the file still. The files have the correct names, however, the zip is showing 13kb and the individual files are 1 to 0kb and not loading in any programs.

neither your tie fighter set 2 or 3 have the stand files. the third has a file named that but its a random part from some kit. not a stand.

i will update the downloads shortly. Sorry about that.

I added the stand to the download links. Sorry about the error.

is there anyway i could see the instructions for the DRAC mech? The design looks great just curious how well it puts together. If there is any pictures of a completed print and build, I would love to see them!

I’m working on the final build now. So hopefully in a few weeks pics will be up. There are exploded diagrams of the parts included in the download,

I also bought the Mariners Blight shoulder pads and the corrupted ones aren't there for me either.

I am fixing this now. You should get a revised download link shortly. Sorry about that.

CHeers mate, no bother! Thanks for fixing it so quickly! =)

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I've got the same issue too mate.

I am fixing this now. You should get a revised download link shortly. Sorry about that.

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Fixed, many thanks :)

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est ce que l'on peut imprimer le draC a l'échelle 1/60 en fdm ?

oui, veuillez mettre à l'échelle les morceaux de fichier de 167 % pour les mettre à l'échelle de 1/00 ​​à 1/60.

im interested in the female armor but im curios how it fits on the knight do you perhaps have a pic or something?

It's the same size as the chest plate that currently comes with the Chaos Knight if that helps.

Hey, I really love your 32 mm sewer bases, is there anywhere I can buy those from you without setting to pay for any of the other size of base?

I only sell the bundles. Thanks.

your chaos knight tenticle file says it had the arm and several tentacles. when downloaded i have 1 tentecle file and no arm. am i missing something?

I will double check the file today and make sure it’s all there. You’ll get an automated email when it’s updated.

I double checked the zip file and it has the following files in it.
Arm Connector.stl
Tentacle 1.stl
Tentacle 2.stl
Tentacle 3.stl
Tentacle Individual Joint Bit.stl
Tentacle Individual Spike Joint Bit.stl
Tentacle Individual Tail Bit.stl

I recompressed it and re-uploaded it in case there was a problem with the .zip file itself.

Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your work and bought a couple of your files already. I love how they came out in the print, though some of them have a few fitting issues, but it's not that bad.
I was wondering if you will also be making a conversion model for the 1/100 Jegan into the Stark Jegan or ECOAS Jegan? I would love to see your take on it hehe :D

I do make my joints tight. It’s partially to allow the builder decide how tight or loose they want them. I was planning a bunch of 1/100 Jegan mods in the near future. Those included.

Hi FalloutHobbies!
Sorry to trouble you, but I've unfortunately run into a problem with your Chaotic Warmachine Tentacle Arm, namely the download only includes the first tentacle file, but not the other two or the arm connecter.
Any help you could give with this would be greatly appreciated <3
Also, while I'm reaching out I just want to say I'm a massive fan of your work, and most of my army rests upon your neo-tokyo bases

Thank you. It’s a .zip file package. Did you try to redownload the .zip and expand it again. I know all the files are in the .zip, so it must be an issue with unpacking the file. If a problem persists contact

I double checked the zip file and it has the following files in it.
Arm Connector.stl
Tentacle 1.stl
Tentacle 2.stl
Tentacle 3.stl
Tentacle Individual Joint Bit.stl
Tentacle Individual Spike Joint Bit.stl
Tentacle Individual Tail Bit.stl

I recompressed it and re-uploaded it in case there was a problem with the .zip file itself.

"Designed to fit the standard 28mm Knight Models" does that mean the standard big knights or the ones from Adeptus Titanicus?

The standard 40k sized Knights, not Titanicus Scale.

I bought a bazooka file, but the file seems to be connected incorrectly. Please take action.The DEEP SPACE MODULAR BOOSTERS 1/100 SCALE file is connected. Of course, I bought this file and bought it twice. I don't know if it will be delivered properly because of my poor English. Have a nice day.