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hola he comprado el archivo de la taberna del mercado Vladistov y me necesitaria saber las medidas una vez terminado , me gustaría imprimirlo tal como viene pero quiero ver si tengo suficiente estantería donde ponerlo o por el contrario tendré que escalarlo. Muchas gracias

Hi the Tavern is 356mm wide 237mm deep and 389 tall Thanks

buenas tardes, estoy interesado en los modelos que tienes para jugar al señor de los anillos de warhammer , que sea mediaval, que tienes y si puedes hacer una oferta por todos los archivos, gracias mi email ladis12@hotmail.comy mi telefono es 664242348

Hi, sorry I had updated that file on Thingiverse (cults usually transfer models over automatically) but I guess it hasn't updated on here. I will update them here. But in the meantime, you can get the part direct here just click on the "thing files" tab and scroll down to the part in question. Thanks

Hi, I had downloaded and started printing the orc ship on my Ender 3, and after printing hull mid 3 I realized that it is the same exact file as hull bottom 3. It looks like there was an error uploading, and now I'm almost entirely finished with the print except for this one piece. Is there any way you could fix the file?

Good day, i purchase your Medieval Scenary Castle. Going through the files included in the package i can only build the towers and gates. Would you hvae the files for the walls that doesnt have a gate. If so could send it to me thank you.

I am trying to print this for my son.

Hi Michael,
My sincere apologies for the delay in response. I have two separate paths for Commercial Licenses. I have Commercial Licenses that cover models released through Kickstarter or alternatively, I have a Patreon Commercial Licence that covers models released through Patreon and sold through or DTRPG. You can check out our current Kickstarter Commercial License here:
or our Patreon here:

Do you have some kind of bundle price?