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What is Cults' API?

You have a website or a blog? Good news! The Cults API is for you. By integrating our API to your site, you can offer your visitors the beautiful creations of our designers. Select from our catalog the designs you want to display. Your visitors will be able to directly download the 3D files. Bring THE missing design touch to your website thanks to Cults 3D artists!

How to access Cults' API?

Our API is private for now but feel free to contact us directly by sending an email to We will be happy to give you an access!

How to install Cults' API?

Here is a quick technical documentation explaining how to precede the integration of the API once you have received access:


Each request to the API must contain a Basic Auth HTTP authentication with the credentials you have been provided with. These are the same as the ones you used to visit the documentation.


The API sends responses in JSON format. The parameters must be passed in the URL.


The Cults API allows you to find all the 3D models from the site. See the documentation to see all available filters, test them, see the description of the attributes returned and see the URL of the JSON to call.