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Hey your Patreon says people can get a discount of 50% on items on MMF, but there's only a couple of items and most give an error...Did you change platforms?

yep, now supports MMF on hollidays, i solving this problem

Good evening, do you have files for the arms for your CSM bodys? the weapons and bodys are amazing but i dont see arms for them.


this packs have arms

and cults have free pack with arms, but i dont remeber auhtor... at this week i ddrop my arms to free

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MY MAN!! thanks dude

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Hello I have just downloaded this and they look amazing on the STL but am i right in that there are no right arms for them ? they all appear to be left arms?

which models you about? all hands and models you can to mirror in your slicer

Hello do you maie weapons in your battle sisters pack or there is a pack with weapons separated ?

no tendras pensado hacer unos primaris grey knight?

hello, can you tell me where the right arms of the Sisters of Khrone models are? unfortunately I only see the lines arms. how should they bear arms? is there another file i need to do this?

Awesome but i dont see any shooty weapons for marines? :(

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For the raptor jumpacks it shows claws when will the claws become available?

Do you have arms for the CSM bodies and weapons that you made? Id like to purchase some if he models but cant find arms or backpacks

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Your Khorne Sisters are really nice! Looking forward to seeing how you develop them.

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what you mean about "develop them"?

In your listing you said, " In the future I will make a rig for them and more body variations." I'm looking forward to that.

Yagasan. I have to agree, those Sisters look amazing, great work on them. And they're already in my cart ready for payday ;) But as most of your existing weapon packs are either fantasy based or scaled for the male CSM, do you plan on releasing any Khorne-ish weapons for these ladies ?

of course, first of all, I am a gunsmith))

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hey downloaded few wepon packs from you any chance u got them without hands trying to scale them up for my joytoy warhammer figures thx

Hello, I've been scouring to find your emperors children palatine model. Is it still available? If so or not can I still purchase?

Fantastic work, any plan for warp talon claws and heads?

Hello! I bought the Raptor bodies, heads, chainswords, backpacks and it looks great. Do you have any arms?

I would like to know if the weapons are left hand and right hand?

just press the mirror button in the slicer to get from left-handed to right-handed or vice versa

Just bought the CSM Heads Pack 20.. Amazing work. reminds me a bit of the artwork in Lone Sloane. Can't wait to print them out.

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Hey, I just bought your random heads package and now Lychee tells me that 4 of the 8 Heads arent printable, Please Help

give me some days, i repair this

What % should I print the hades head kit to fit a kill team character?

added an archive with normal-sized heads to the page with the model

hello, really good job. some people serche khorne head for AOS . have you make it ?

hello , many people whant khorne head for aos . have you got some stl for aos khorne head ?

yep, go to my patreon, there all my staff by 10$ and send me refs pls)

Is it possible to get your khorne banners somehow?

go to my patreon, there all my staff by 10$

I love the faceless chaos sorceror and had to buy it immediately! I'm probably going to use it as a tech priest dominus for a dark mechanicum army i'm building with these giger'esque looking biomechanical horror models I found on a really unique patreon that started up recently

I'd like to talk with you on discord but somehow I'm too derp'd to figure out the way to send you a message directly lmao, I'm going to send an email instead lol xD

your work is phenomenal!

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Love the Khorne icons and that you offer supported files. Bought them immediately.

Could you please design some 2 handed chainaxes? This is something currently missing from the scene. 2 handed Chainaxes, but the arms have to be built too I think, as most power armor arms won’t work. I think if you made this, you’d sell a few.

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two-handed that will hold with two hands? that is, what would be two hands? or just a big ax but could hold on with one hand?

I will be very grateful if you send me a couple of examples of references by mail)


Any chane of some chaos chain axes

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I will be very grateful if you send me a couple of examples of references by mail)