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Can you please make the "havenly bodies" and "orient express"......

ill working on it

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Kann man den Dink auch als STL Format für FDM Druck bekommen in der Beschreibung steht nur Harz

I'm trying to figure out how to help you the file looks good

P könntest du eventuell noch die heavenly buddies, sparky plugg und sensational Sherri machen?

The zipfile of the "Skip" Archive only contains 4 files. The file of the Body is missing. And the same thing with owen hart there it is the head.
Please mail me at

everything looks good on my end try and redownload the files and let me know

bei Skip fehlt der Body...

can you write me in English so i can help you

can you stop uploading my files? all the accessories you upload with the dolls are my designs

no sir i have a 3d scanner all files i upload i scanned myself

I see several of my hasbro accessories that are not scanned. The stake, the flag, the police baton, the parrot. The accessories are not scanned, they are made as you can see.

if you think so im not going back and forth i scan all my files i dont use other people stuff i have every hasbro accessories and mattle i dont use yours


Jim Neidheart, Bret Hrart and???


Who is the one with the hat?


Great..... What about Edge, Christian and Gangrel?

ill work on it

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Bobby heenan and??? Please always name thr figures in description

Who is this?

Puerto Rican pitbull/custom indy action figures

such a great job...thank you so much.... by the way....
would be great....
printers can´t stay still

ill get them together

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what kind of paint and sealer are you using?

citadel pain and mod podge sealer

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Damian Demento, Ahmed Jonson, Dino Bravo, Marc Mero, Paul Romer, Elizabeth, Jesse Ventura, Superstar Billy Graham, Don Muraco, Nicolai Volkoff, Boris Zuhkov and Jack Tunney are most wanted...

ill work on those for you

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HGi... great work from you... thanks a lot.... almost got the entire wwf rooster but a few missing... can you help me with HAKU, BOB BACKLUND, JIM ROSS and Jack TUNNEY ?

ill work on them

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Hey man I just bought the John Cena retro and there is no head in the files that it downloaded. Can I get that added? thanks man

i just upload it if it dont load up ill email it to you

I just purchased the Skip/Chris Candido files and there is no head file in it. Can you please update and upload it

k igot you

ok give some time to fix it for your style of printing and i also have to do a test print before i send it to you

ill fix up one that you can some how give me your email and ill send it to you

ok gracias,es eduardobouzo@hotmail.com

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i printed with resin printer not filament and i hand to sand a little bit around the inside of the waist and the arms worked fine for me i printed 13 of them i even put this on everyone of my customs you just needed to read

pero lo normal es que se pueda en la de filamento... yo ahora no tengo para imprimir con resina....entonces no puedo imprimirlo.

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es que imprime mal esa parte...aqui no se puede poner foto para mostrarlo no?

Hola,compre el archivo de farooq pero el torso imprime mal...la cabeza sale la zona de el casco toda mal... no la imprime.lo realice 2 veces y pasa igual.Lo imprimo en pla.

Me descarge 2 figuras mas,... y con errores y alguna sin poder montar como la de rude... la cabeza no encaja en el cuerpo... esta mal diseñado,el sombrero de dusty rodes tiene 2 agujeros.... la mascara de vader no encaja ni se ajusta.... es que son 3 figuras que me descargo y con taras.tendrias que probar a imprimir las figuras antes de venderlas,ai que tu me diras que solucion me das o abro caso en paypal.

ok gracias,solucionaste lo de la mascara?


Lo estuve revisando y lo del brazo derecho esta diseccionado el anclaje con el brazo....