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Hello TAEKY, ran into an issue with this https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/sovol-06-fan-duct-cfd-optimized where there is insufficient clearance for the bed-probe cable. Didn't see any other comments about it, so I figured I would bring it to your attention. https://imgur.com/a/49qRbG2

Would you be willing to send me the source files in a .step format (really don't want to convert the .stl) so that I can figure out an alternative, or figure out a solution and send me the fixed .stl's?

Not sure if this issue was caused by a change from Sovol, or a minor oversight, but either way there's got to be some sort of resolution.

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Hi K2D2,
I'm sorry that you had a collision at that point. My fanducts have all been extensively tested by me and many satisfied users. Unfortunately, I do not give out any step formats. I've had bad experiences in the past. I would basically advise them to use a 5015 variant. The 5015 fans are more powerful and my models have continued to improve over time. I will of course refund you and you can switch to the 5015 V2 version if you wish.

5015 for the sv06 plus - The overall airflow works for the part however, even printed in asa, it has failed. The heat from the hotend block over time soften the arm and due to no supports on the back, the arm that attached to the front began to melt thus falling off and slamming more into the hotend, bed, and frame.

Please use heat-resistant filament as mentioned in the description. For example: https://www.extrudr.com/en/products/catalogue/?diameter=87&feature=16&material=106

Asa is heat resistant.

Unfortunately, this is not correct. ASA retains its dimensional stability only up to 95°. Under certain circumstances, this is not enough. Green Tec Pro, for example, remains stable up to 150°. With the Plus version, there is unfortunately not enough space to screw the fan duct at the back. Unfortunately, the hot air is blown to the front screw connection. You could also try covering the bolting part with something heat resistant. But as already written. I have no problem with GreenTecPro at this point.

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If you are not satisfied, I will of course refund you the money. Is no problem. Unfortunately I can't help you otherwise.

Oh I don't need a refund. Maybe was hoping to spark an idea for some better supports on the back. I will see about getting something different then ASA. Never had ASA fail before with heat from the extruder.

just made the purchase of the new sovol plus duct im printing it in carbon fiber petg> ill post a picture of the make .

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Thank you and have fun printing with it.

Will the 5015 plus version work with Volcano nozzles or are you making one for that as well?

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No I don't think so at the moment.

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Dam, do you have plans to do such a release. The one they made public I don't really want to use for the volcano nozzles.

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No not true. I also only publish things that I can test myself. That's why no Volcano Nozzle are planned. These CFD constructions and their model adjustments take a lot of time. Right now I need a break from this stuff. :-)

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A lot of people think I make money from it. It's not like this. ;-) The expenditure of time will never pay off with the 2.5 € income after taxes. If I'm unlucky, my model will be copied after a short time, which has already happened. That's why I don't make any plans. It's just an elaborate hobby. :-)

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Oh your fine. I love your work and it's the only fan mods I use. So if you don't make it then I shall only use what you have made. I know you don't make really anything off these, but sure am glad you do. 🙂 I'm sure others do as well.

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J’ai tenter d’imprimer la version sv06 : fan duct 5015.

Sur ma sv06 cela ne peut pas être utilisé, il manque 10mm pour que les conduit sur le côté soient au niveau de la buse
Comment cela se fait il ?

Je suppose que vous avez la version SV06 "Plus" ? Ce canal est pour le SV06 standard.

I went to make the purchase for the 5015 model duct fan for the sovol sv06 plus this morning and its not there what happen ?

In a direct comparison to my SV06 fan duct, I found that the Plus version does not yet come close to the performance. That's why I decided at short notice to withdraw the Plus version. I don't want to do things by halves and work on them again.
I hope I can find time for it soon. sorry

Hi, I purchased the SV06 Plus version, it I see that you pulled it, it would be good if you are re-working it if some weight could be removed from the part that holds the fan, I like the design of the one for the SV06, will people that purchased this revision get you updated version?

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The weight is not a problem. It has no influence. Even wall thicknesses are important for a clean print. In the hot area, this wall thickness is also needed because it influences the deformation under heat. So I don't think a revision is necessary. You automatically always have access to updates.

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why did you removed the fan duct for SV06 plus using 2 parts to be printed ( your latest version I believe ) ?
I was interested to buy it

thanks for your feedback
Best regards

In a direct comparison to my SV06 fan duct, I found that the Plus version does not yet come close to the performance. That's why I decided at short notice to withdraw the Plus version. I don't want to do things by halves and work on them again.
I hope I can find time for it soon. sorry

So my friend just measured the bearing holder case on his SV06 Plus Model its 4mm difference. The regular SV06 is 20mm AND THE PLUS is 24mm. So perhaps just create space on the back side of the gantry extending it 4mm and Viola ? Perhaps that will work . let me know, please I would gladly purchase the stl so I can utilize this SV06 Plus to its fulliest potential .

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https://youtu.be/EtAE3x6KI4s It's in the progress.

I would take a 5015 version I need bridging capabilities I do lots of structural pieces .The model can be used it just has to be extended a couple mm to allow for the gantry case which houses the 10mm bearings. I wish i could send a picture to show you

I would take a 5015 version I need bridging capabilities I do lots of structural pieces .The model can be used it just has to be extended a couple mm to allow for the gantry case which houses the 10mm bearings. I wish i could send a picture to show you

Are you making the 4020 conversion for the plus model ? I would like to purchase it if available.

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I do not think so. The 5015 has more power and that's why I'm focusing on that.

The cooling fan on the left side I've seen it converted to a 4020 do you have one ? If so id like to purchase it

If you mean the Sovol SV06 extruder. No, unfortunately I haven't. I don't think it makes sense to use a larger fan at this point. The cooling capacity is sufficient.

Alrighty I'll get the purchase made for the 5015 That you have designed.

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Thank you and happy Easter holidays. Greetings from the Black Forest Germany.

Do you have a 4020 stl avaible for the other fan set up ? I'M purchasing this one it seems to get the other side so I can do some serious bridge work . THANK YOU in advance.

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Which configuration do you mean?

Had an issue with Sovol SV06 fan duct 5015 - CFD optimized.

Might be more of a problem with the sv06.

The fan duct collides with the bed heater clip. I am going to cut those down but printer would lock up and collide here.

the other issue i had was the screw mount closest to the frame i had to cut off and didn't line up right, also possibly was hitting the frame

might want to let people know in the description about the 1st issue

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Thank you for the info. In order to achieve an exact height fixation, it is essential to use countersunk screws! The countersunk holes are there for this. Your second problem has the same cause. The bed heating clip is 0.5 mm above the bed. The distance from bed to fan duct is 2mm. This is ok if the correct screws are used. I will add this info to the description.

Is there plans for a SV06 Plus duct?

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Yes, I have planned a Plus variant. But I'm still waiting for the delivery at the moment. This will probably come in 3 to 4 weeks. Ordered on February 26th. :-(

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I received my SV06 Plus today. From looking at the hotend, I think you will have an easier time with making a 5015 fan upgrade.

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Yes, I think I have 10 mm more space now. Is it really getting easier? The demands are increasing. :-)

That's true, but I think your models are better then the free ones so far. Let me know if you need a tester. ;-)

Agreed, love your models and patiently waiting for the plus version:)

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Please don't try anything like this...it's glued on.

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No, absolutely not. :-) The model is already advanced. The airflow is still causing some issues that I need to work on further. https://youtu.be/EtAE3x6KI4s

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Good to know ;-)

Why can't the Plus duct just be 1 piece like the SV06 with the wings removed, just lowered a little for the nozzle..am I missing something in they design..??

Sorry for my late reply. But I just have too much work at the moment. The SV06 is a little too low on the print bed in the rear of the fan. On the left is the cable from the pressure board. When printing or leveling it could lead to complications there. That's why I decided to give a little more space there. This in turn makes it impossible to use the underside of the fan duct as a base without a support structure. Therefore, the two sides now serve as a base. Easy printability, if possible without a support structure, and the efficiency of the fan duct itself have top priority for me. That's why there are now two parts, which I don't think is a bad thing. And I'm also revising the fan duct again because it's a little less efficient than the standard SV06. I want to get the maximum out of what the design allows.

Alright, thanks for the update. :-)

Ok, I'll ask...what's the Special Spring for..??

This has nothing to do with 3D printing. It is for a test fixture for an Indian customer who needs these parts from time to time.

Great model by the way. Still kinda wish it had wings, but so far it's secure.

Unfortunately, the space to the gantry is even smaller than with the SV06. Therefore no space for screwing on the back.

I was hoping that maybe 2mm wings would work with a flat top screw.

hello i have biqu h2s and model is not usable for me

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do you have a revo?

Please send me a link to your Biqu version here.

Hi, I like your works but I didn't like something. I bought the SV06 5015 fan duct, now I see you released a 2.0. Even if the performance is the same, I don't find it correct that I have to pay if I want the newer model.. should've just updated the old design to version 2.0. Also because people may see the old one and not the new one and buy a old design.. obviously you can do what you want, but in my opinion, you don't need to do this

I created a completely new fan duct with the 2nd version. The development cost me about 10 hours of work. I have further improved the basic design and hoped to get even more power efficiency. I was so honest and compared the performance of both. I could have simply said, now everything is even better and faster. In the end, the 3 € for me is just a bit of appreciation and can never outweigh the development and the service. I still have to pay tax on the amount in Germany. At the moment I'm considering whether to discontinue this service or just develop it for myself. It's just a lot of work and people think wrong about it. sorry I hope you understand this.

Okay, i thought it was just a quick rework. I got it, I know work has its value!
IMHO, publishing something here doesn’t cost anything, so if you develop for yourself, putting here will only help give back to you for the effort.
Thank for the reply, I wish you a good weekend

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Thank you very much for your understanding. I wish you a nice weekend too. https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/tool/sovol-sv06-fan-duct-5015-cfd-optimized-version-2-0-gift-c2578bf0fcba8dfacbd0 ;-)

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Oh, I saw now that you already bought?

Yes thank you, it’s ok to support your work, just wanted to understand what was going on!

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Hey, decided to come support your design on here. I'm sorry for what happened. Would you recommend picking up the v2 version of the 5015 fan over the previous iteration ? I own an SV06. Might seem like a daft question, but I'd like to get your opinion.

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Yes the second version is easier to print. Non support is necessary. Both perform equally well.

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Super. Thanks a lot for your work.

Howdy. I bought this piece from you. 5015 Biqu 1000 05_M3. But the part does not print as previewed. Unfortunately I can't show a picture. Where the screw is mounted, the surface is about 2mm thin. How can I send you a picture?

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Hallo Oberdorf, leider bietet Cults keine Dateizusätze in den Nachrichten an. Du kannst mir eine eMail an andreas2021@hauermail.de senden. Viele Grüße Andreas

As per your recommendation, I printed the SFD 1110 02 variant and it fits perfectly! I do want to say that there is a bit of a weak area, see pic. If that spot was connected to the part for the bolt holds, things would be much more solid. Just a suggestion to make a great design ever better. https://res.cloudinary.com/bassamanator/image/upload/v1678746235/share/5015%20part%20cooler/part-cooler-edit_vc0ptx.jpg

I'm also wondering if you'd ever consider designing a part cooler with 2x4020 or 2x5015 fans? I assure you that I and many others would purchase this design if you created it. :)

Thanks again!

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Thank you for your feedback. Yes you are right. At this point is a bit thin. But I don't think it has any effect on nut fixation.
Unfortunately, every small change immediately raises many questions in the community. So I have to choose carefully.
Your question about the double fan. Unfortunately, there is no mirrored fan. This also results in disadvantages for the position and the intake of air. Also, I'm not sure if the extrusion strand placed on top will then be blown out of position. In addition to my published work, I have tried and tested many things in simulation. Among other things, I wanted to make use of the Venturi principle. Unfortunately, this was not successful in the end. But I try to continue to work on good solutions and am happy about trend-setting suggestions, which also help to think about it.

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Many thanks for your support. As a thank you, I have refunded your purchases. Have fun with 3D printing continue. :-)

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You have two designs, one with the fan flush to the back (4020) and the other with the fan sticking out (5015). Have you seen any difference in print quality - relative to speed - between the two?

I ask because I wonder if the fan sticking out will lead to more vibration than the flush mounted version. I will probably get them both, but I value your input as the designer.

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Both have no vibrations. The 5015 clearly performs better. It's easier to print and easier to assemble.He is better in all functions. You don't need the 4020.

Thank you for the response. Very much appreciated.

I purchased the 4020 and 5015 models. The 4020 is working brilliantly but I wanted more cooling power. The 5015 printed just fine, however, it doesn't fit well. Any suggestions to fix this issue? Because of the sag backwards, the part ends up colliding with the print.

Thanks! And I love both these designs! Just not sure why the 5015 is not fitting well :/


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Thank you for your feedback.
Warping or poor alignment could be the reason. Why don't you use the downloadable other variant SFD 1110 02 with the additional screw connections? You only need additional screws in the size 2x M3x20. The originals are 5mm too short.

Of course you thought about this issue already. Brilliant! Thanks! 😁 Will print tonight!

can you sell the step model of the SV06 extruder and carriage?

what size brass insert? not shown in the diagram
M3 x OD ?mm x Length ?mm

I don't see, wich design you mean. If you mean the SV06 5015 screwed version. It's a countersunk head screw with M3 x20 mm.


what sizes М3 Ruthex threaded insert OD ?mm x Length ?mm

Hi - Any chance you have a version of this that supports a 5020 instead of 4020?

Did you see my other designs ? "BIQU H2 V2 COMPONENT FAN 5015 FAN DUCT V2"