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Could you add more details/photos about concrete mixer? It is very expensive and i do not know for what I want to pay.

1/14 scale ?

Thanks very much

thanks for the update, can be opened. However, I am not satisfied. I would like to print the locomotive for my western diorama in TT 1:120 scale and place it on the original tracks. The rail on the locomotive interferes. Can't you send me the locomotive in individual stl data? At least separately, locomotive, tender without rail.


i send without rail to your email

There were 2 files in the download. I can't open the .mtl file and the .obj file opens with the Halot Box, but it's empty. Please send me the .stl data, I can then scale it for my scale. Greetings from Germany

STL file has been added, you can download it


ich habe für 30 € deine druckdaten heruntergeladen, die sich nicht öffnen lassen :-(
ich bitte um ein Update der STL Dateien, damit ich die Train-Locomotive-Wagon in meinen Massstab scalieren kann.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


I checked the file and there is no problem
What software do you use to run the file?

Disculpa que escala está diseñado

Disculpa que escala es

Happen to have any pictures of the completed asphalt paver? How many pieces?

Yes, models can be printed
The model hasmulti parts that are in one part
with obj format that can be converted to other formats

How many diffrent parts or stls are in this design ?

At least 20 pieces
But you can also print a piece

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Is it possible to send a screenshot of the stl files ? or a screenshot from the stl in a slicer program ? I wanna know and see what i'm buying. I wanna print the trailers in pieces, glue it together and drive it

if you want, you can put a image link here or send it to glennvandenbulck@hotmail.com. Thank you


how long is the boat trailer? i have a 20 inch boat

which model ?

Any chance of making a shuttle buggy and a paving milling machine?

Hello, I find your design for the track loader very interesting.
Unfortunately there is no description.
What is the scale, how many parts and is it possible to install an Rc?
I would be happy if I got an answer.
Greetings Klaus

It is a multi-piece model
You can change the model