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Hello LC, im looking to purchase the MK6 Pertusons kit, which is mint btw, but im looking for a pad with hazard stripes emblazoned on it. Any chance you could add one to the kit?. Cheers

Lucky you. Just added a striped variation to the kit. Enjoy!

Hello, it was a real pleasure to discover your cataphracs, especially the learning ones !
Any possibility of adding legs with the scaly/scales pattern to the files (of the learning cataphracs) or in a new one, it would really add to them and make them like the OGs.
Thanks !

Hello mate,

Are you able to do some Tartaros Terminator arms and close combat weapons (mauls, axes and hammers)? I'd be eternally grateful!!

Sorry, but I will not do any tartaros kit in the near future. There are some great kits compatible with the tartaros models

No worries. I don't suppose you could point me in the direction of those kits? I can't find anything

lol I just realized that after I sent message. Good work, I bought 1 file, can't wait for the hydra headed ones to come up. :D

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I think some of your other shoulder pads are the wrong size also. Saw you updated the 2 other files already. Thank you.

All the kits have been updated now. Sorry for the inconvenience

Can you make scaled legs, that can go with the Twinsons Learning Specialists Conversion Kit

Thank you for adding the extra legion insignias to your shoulder pads!

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whats the cost to be able to sell your printed models?

Write me privately on discord

Hey, thinking about buying this, and I noticed that you said it doesn't fit with the new plastic leviathan. Are there any plans to make this compatible with that kit, and if so, may I kindly request an estimate?

The plan is to convert/fix all the levirobot conversion kits to make them compatible with the new plastic model. No ETA for the moment, sorry

hey love your 9th season levirobot easy print pack. Is it possible that you have a non-supported model? Maybe with just the parts that I can support myself

Do you think it is possible to send me the levirobot files unsupported? I had some fails and detected some island. I want to add my own rafts/supports to those files

Hi !

I buy your files. It's very cool but i miss something : the right arm for shooting weapon. Could you help me ?

The arms are available on my limbs pack. Take a look to my catafrac series

hello LC, just bought some of your Catafracs, they have come out rather large, any idea what to scale them down to so i can play them with 28mm/32mm scenery?. Cheers

Hey! How large are you saying? Can you write me on discord? We can talk there properly

Your Magnusons sexmet cabalistic conversion pack is amazing! The aether fire blaster is awesome! Since many son units can have entire squads of this weapon for power-armored units, what are the chances of making a version of this gun with a hand to match them?

Do you mean for regular (not heavy armoured) warriors?

Yep! Currently the weapon has the hand of a heavy armor warrior and it would amazing if their was an alternate with the smaller hand of the regular trooper.

I'll think about that...

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Hi, will you make legs and volkite culverin for your TWINSONS LEARNING SPECIALISTS CONVERSION KIT?

The twinsons kit will receive an update with missing equipment like the volkite culverin, but not custom legs

hey, any chance you make a gloomy angels pack?

I’ll do them, but not in the immediate future

Any plans to do matching legs for these guys? I would really be interested if you are.

Sorry but my kits don't include custom legs

heard kitchen!

Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing work. It's made hobbying an absolute joy with your designs.

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Thanks for your response i will search in the limbs pack..i m very happy of your job merci beaucoup

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Hello Mr, thanks for your great works, i have bought catafrac legs and download Kabalistic conversion kit but i can't find the right arms to fix the bolter.
Have you an help for me??

Hi! It's easy, all the arms in the limbs pack are left oriented, you simply mirror them (in your favourite slicer) to get the right arms. Contact me on discord and we can talk there privately.

se puede comprar una licencia comercial?

Háblame por privado por Discord Lordchammon#8412 o Telegram: @lordchammon

Is there any update on your upcoming kits? I am especially looking forward to seeing some Horusian Terminators soon.

I've published several updates on some social networks (contact me on discord and I can show you some pics) ... so yes, the horusons are coming... they're almost done. I'll start the test prints this week

understood thank you

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Today I will release the kit

HI, really liking your catafract warriors. There are just some weapons missing like chainaxes,powersword,clubs and poweraxes.

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They are not missing from the current kits. They will be part of my incoming "civil war era equipment kit"