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Hello! I would like to start by thanking you for creating these models, they are beautiful and get many compliments whenever I have visitors. I love them. I was curious to see if you were going to make anymore or if you take requests? I would love to add Eevee and it's evolutions to my collection. If not, would you be opposed to teaching me how to make them? I am pretty capable with 3D design software but still haven't figured out how to make the voronoi design. Please let me know! Thanks again!

I made the "original" piggy bank design, but I never asked for your permission.
If you prefer, I can kill my project here and on Thingiverse as yours seems cool enough.
Just tell me.

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to buy it, 3D print using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website. We would mark you as an author under the picture.

Hi, I've downloaded the C3PO and R2D2 low poly models to print. Some of the parts in the C3PO file do not lie flat on the bed, their first layer actually lines up with layer 2. is it possible to get the parts separately please

franchement très beau travail pour les stl starws et pokemon bravo

Can't get enough of your designs, man.

muchas gracias me gustan tus diseños

I invite you to see my work, you can also order designs. I also put together exclusive designs that will not be published anywhere.

Follow me on Cults3d to see my 3d designs !!!
💥💥👉 Everyday I upload new designs and once a week I also upload a free to download design.

👇 You can follow me here...

Hi there,
I have a projet in hand that might be of interest, as it involves mechanical compliant mechanical engineering, as well as 3d printing, and I wanted a consultant to help materialize the idea into reality,, would you be interested to learn more about this project...

Yours truly

seeking your contact info!

Hey Flowalistik, your designs are really nice. You are really excellent designer. I wish i can get your email info!, hope I'll be in contact with you.

Buenas noches,espero que tu y los tuyos estén bien antes que nada jeje.
Quería preguntarte que he diseñado dos variantes de su modelo "golf low poly" pero extendiéndolo al modelo cabriolet,tanto con capota cerrada como abierta,y quería compartirlo gratuitamente.
Dado a que la base del modelo es suyo,le nombraría en la descripción y añadiria un link a su modelo principal.
Me gustaría saber si esta de acuerdo.
Espero su respuesta.
Un saludo!