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Hello, I recently purchased your wig stand to print for my wife's mother who has cancer and will be losing her hair soon. It is a great design, thank you for producing it! That said, I had a question about the wig-support-brazo file. I noticed in your instructions that it may require supports, but would printing it horizontally on it's side rather than standing up work okay so that I don't need to use supports? Thanks so much.

You are right about the supports, you don't need supports for printing wig-support-brazo.stl if you rotate it 90º to make it lay horizontally flat on the buildplate.
I used supports only for wigSupport-enganche.stl and wigSupport-top.stl and in my case, since I use Cure slicer, I used tree supports and it worked fine.
The other files can be printed without any support.
I hope everything to go fine with your mother in law. We are going through the quimio with my wife, so it's the same reason why I designed this.

Best regards.

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Thanks for the quick response, Frederico. Sorry to hear about your wife— wishing you and your family all the best. Cancer sucks.

Knowing that you’re in the same boat as me, I think you’ll appreciate the tiny revision I made in your design (picture #2): https://imgur.com/a/QJm2dOX

The print came out beautifully with a .6mm resolution. Thanks again.


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Nice print! and great message at the bottom!
I hope everything goes well with your family.

hola como estas? queria saber si me podes vender el recipiente solo a rosca que tenes publicado.

Oi Cristiano,
Eu tenho, mas não consigo encontrar uma maneira de enviar para você.
Você pode me dar um endereço de e-mail?


Hi! Great work! I've bought your ghost hang lamp 3d model and would like to know if you have the original file without the holes in the head. If yes, could you send me? Thanks in advance!