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Hey! Great STL files! Do you have an Instagram, I'd like to tag you in a post.


Thank you very much, no, I'm sorry, I don't have Instagram, the figures are really good, I print them at 1/35, and they are very detailed
You can see the photos of many designs that I make
If you are interested, or you want several, I can make you a pack to make it cheaper

a greeting

No problem. I already have a number of them and will post them to my instagram and wanted to give you a shout out. Do you have an email that I can send them to? I printed them a large scale and they came out beautifully!

Thank you very much, my email is rankor2@hotmail.com, it is in my profile.
Because of the printer I have, I only print them at that scale

Thank you

What if you can, please, if they ask you, is where you bought the cults figures, my cults user.

thank you

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I have sent you some pictures of my 3D printed paratrooper which was created from your STLs. The printed figure is 20cm high. I'll send you some pictures of my SEALs as well when they are finished. Feel free to use them on your Cults3d product pages if you like. I of course will not be offended if you choose not to :) I am really impressed with your stuff.

Hola me gustaría cotizar un soldado observando en labores de inteligencia

Hey Bud,

Love your designs, just a thought for exposure, might be worth looking into 'Astra Militarum' or 'Cadia' as tags for the modern warfare style designs as people could use them for Warhammer 40k proxies :D

Great stuff!

Hello :)
I've send you the inquiry by e-mail a few days ago. Maybe it went into spam or sth therefore I'm writing here ;)

Best regards

I have not seen any email, I just saw the spam, please try to write me again, or if you are interested or have any suggestions you can also write me here

I’ve just wrote the mail once again

Nice figures. Do you have (or something similar) a moder spanish soldier? Better if not in "war" position... I'm looking for something like logistics, drivers, just walking soliders in the yard, etc. Thanks

Study this question. Your soldier miniatures are in unnatural positions for them, taking into account the position of the fuse.

downloaded this.. full of holes and islands... multi fail... very disappointed in this.

I have seen that you have downloaded the crouching modern soldier, I printed that a long time ago, it has no holes and the rafts are because the supports are not well placed, I use the chitubox to print, I tilt the figure a little and hit automatic supports , and that's how the figure comes out fine, if you want I can upload a file with the supports on
Thank you

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Est-il possible d'imprimer les figurines au 1/16?.

Oui, bien sûr, toutes les figurines que je conçois peuvent être redimensionnées avec la chitubox, je l'imprime personnellement au 1/35, puis je les peins, mais si au 1/16, cela peut se faire sans problème

the files are stl, you can import it in the chitubox, and you have to move the y-axis, the height, to 30 millimeters, and with that scale you already generate the file that you carry in a usb to the printer, and you will take it out to that size

so at a better scale, 1/72 is 25 millimeters, so at 1/87 it will be 21 millimeters, that is the measure that should be put in the chitubox

can you scale your 3 pack of modern soldiers to exactly 1/87 scale alreADY IF i BUY YOUR FILE? tHANKS.

bonjour, vous devez importer le stl dans la chitubox, vous mettez des supports à la figure, vous donnez la plastifieuse pour générer le fichier ctb à mettre dans l'imprimante, j'ai imprimé toutes les figures sans problème, dans de nombreux modèles j'ai les photos des chiffres, mon imprimante est une elegoo mars 2
Re-téléchargez le fichier restant avec m16, pour voir si c'était correct. Je viens de l'essayer avec la chitubox

BONSOIR Monsieur j'ai mis le soldat dans chitubox j'ai mie des supports quand enregistre il y a pas la tailles ko du fichier pour quel marche en CTB quand il y a winzip sa marche MERCI

le dossier et marqué fermer je lai pas en winzip ? MERCI


bonjour, pour le mettre à l'échelle, il faut prendre le stl et le mettre dans le programme chktubox, là il faut augmenter ou diminuer l'axe x,y, où il devient plus grand ou plus petit, par exemple si vous voulez le mettre au 1/35 est de 52 millimètres sur l'axe y

hallo, warum machst du die waffen nicht extra? dann könnte man deine soldaten auch für andere nationen nehmen

OK merci. Je vais tenter de imprimer un fichier cordialement jp

les figures à télécharger sont au format stl, je comprends qu'il peut être imprimé sur toutes les imprimantes 3d

Bonjour peut on imprimer avec du pla. Merci beaucoup

Bonjour, j'ai imprimé toutes les figurines en résine, car je n'ai qu'une imprimante elegoo mars 2 pro, j'imagine qu'il n'y aura aucun problème pour l'imprimer.

I have uploaded two new figures of the ukrainian conflict, a russian soldier and another ukrainian with balaclava

Hello, are you planning to make more Russian units? Interested in buying them

If I intend to make more models of Russian, Ukrainian, American soldiers, like that with beautiful poses

thanks for the interest

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Good afternoon,
I downloaded this sitting soldier shooting and try to print, but unfortunely there is a foult in his right knee, if i try to print a different position, then there are other foults to be seen???
Do you have a solution for this?

I print the figure, maybe it's missing some support, I'm going to generate it again, and check the whole figure if there is any gap, or an error, I'll upload it again and so you can download it again
Sorry for the inconvenience
Thank you

I have uploaded the model again, download it again, try printing it again, I have it printed at 1/35
Thanks a lot

have you been able to print the model again, I wanted to know if you had problems
as you have bought several models from me, and as you had problems, if you give me an email, I will send you a modern figure as a gift, already printed, for your inconvenience

a greeting