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Hi, I'd like to buy your monkey lamp project. Is it possible to see a complete print lamp before to proceed with the payment ?

I don't have an example or photos now, I already sold it, but I printed 3 times and all is okay

Hi, I would like to buy the raven but do you have a picture of the finished print?

Hi Bombillaf, i was looking to buying a couple of your seletti animal files although i am just wondering about the print quality - do you have any exmaple print photos you could show me?

Sure, let me take some pictures and send to you

Thank you that'd be much appreciated

heloo i have printed your model but i see some vectorization low poly at left legs and branch
i dont know if it is ok it is intended ? it looks same in full model and in part 1 too


hello, i already printed and i cant notice the vectorization but let me check if the model have some issues

i downloaded model 3 times extracted zip buty i can see it there in cura and in microsoft 3d viewer too, it is there in full model and it is there in partial model look photos

Hi, I got the same raven model. Did you get a file that doesn't have the vectorized low poly on the perch? Could you also maybe send me a photo of how it looks printed. :)

it is really superb, is it possible to create a crow with the wings outstretched? that would be great


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Hello, im working to bring new models, i will take the idea, thanks very much

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