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Hi, is there a way to get some your prints that were removed from here?

hello I love your work it is beautiful. I am contacting you to find out if you would be available to create character positions or postures. if you are interested I have the character file and the photos of the postures and position that I would like to have. when I say posture or position it's just that, nothing else.

Do you have the supremacy armor still ?

Hello. Your big tuna suit was soo cool, but I can't get him in time. If you can, I would like to know if I could receive the file by email. My email is vinres413@gmail.com
Thanks in advance

Hi! Yur Artyy Artyy space communist robot was really cool , i would like to know if i could receive the file by e-mail u can contact me by leosylvestre62@gmail.com
Tks a lot!!

hello I contact you to know if you would be interested in helping me because my time on earth and finally shorter than expected and I wanted to know if you would have the possibility, the kindness, to help me to do 16 postures, there are has 12 melee and 4 shooting. I have the blender file of the character. Also know if you would like to make their armor I have the equipment files, mainly weapons and helmets no armor, but I have the armor drawings, drawing that I made. Can you help me?


First of all, I'm an absolute fan of your models, but unfortunately I don't have a knack for supporting them.
Could you attach a file with supports to your data?

Please excuse any wording errors.
My english is very, very bad so i use google translator for this message.


First of all, I love your files. I'm printing the ARTY! ARTYYYY! BOI. I think it missing a piece, on the right hand the target system isn't in the folder.This si the piece that connect to the outside part of the rocket laucher arm.

Bonjour, superbe travail.
De combien faut il augmenter les pièce pour être à la même taille qu'un stormsurge original (en %) ?


hay files i have are a diffenrt scale what should the scale be for all parts on a tuna thanks

Hey, are you planning on making heavy rail cannon for A Tuna?

Hey thanks for all the hard work on done GREAT models!

That said, I think the head for the Tuna is borked, I have had it fail several times no matter how it's positioned.

Thank you again, can't wait to finish and post it.

Hello. I would like to contribute and propose somee upgrades/modifications for all boxy robots:
-add slots for magnets in arms and body
-modify tomb cover to be removable
-modify legs-torso connection to be not flat but with pelvis top surface to be rounded like british equivalent, and bottom surface with similar radius indent. It will allow body to be slightly tilted for posing
-same connector modification for feet-legs interface as above
-add separate foot body and fingers to allow dynamic posing, like standing on oval things, for example dead bodies

I am more than willing to contribute some financing towards these upgrades if you have anything like buymeacoffee.com account or something similar :)

Hi, the Head of A Tuna doesn't print. I've tried Fixing it in Blender and Meshmixer but have had no luck. I was wondering if you could help with this.

The PDC.stl is the wrong scale, its off by 44.07%(if set to 17cm length (locked scale)). Checked Genuine and its 17cm (roughly) not sure if the wrong file was put in the latest pack.
keep up the good work, looks really good minus that one scale issue.

super modèle.
j'ai une question, y a-t-il de prévu un fichier pour la 2ème version du gros canon?
merci encore pour ton taf.

Hey bud - amazing model. Noticed youve been doing some tweaking on your others recently so thought I would pop this one for consideration. On the 'Sneaky Boi' the shoulder guns dont quite sit in their supports on the model, there needs to be a small block sticking out the bottom of the gun to sit in the recess of the support connection. Currently they both have recesses and dont match up. I'm just going to use some greenstuff myself but hopefully an easy fix.

Have a good one!

Hey brother
love your work, i was wondering... alot of people are chasing the top cockpit cover for the genuine stormsurge. you would be a hero among men if you could possibly design one ??

also alot of people are after arms for the stormsurge with possible slots for a underslung rail gun etc.

thanks again bro

How do you position the Tuna head? I've had a dozen failures.

your most recent update to Arty Arty doesnt have the cannon included in the files just FYI

Glad it wasn't just me.

Just seen your update fixing scaling issues, what parts needed the scaling fixing?

do you know scale?

Thank you so much for the models :)

The update is out of scale, you have to scale to 170% for it to bhe the same size.

I think about 150% is pretty much spot on, how did the 170% scale fit onto the model when printed?

Hello again thank you for adding the scope i printed it tonight and the scale of the gun ia about half the size of the old one do you know a fix?