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We found the original Rubik's Race game at a thrift store but it doesn't have the tray/cover to shake the mini dice. Can I just print that from your file?

of course you can print

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?
Its just for fun to freinds and mabey on a local Market in town

Hello, thank you for asking permission. I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't sell it for a fee. If you are going to make paid sales, this may be possible if you support me in return for a certain commission on a monthly basis.

hola, los esqueletos flexibles sirven como llavero??

Hola, los esqueletos flexibles pueden ser bastante grandes. Ideal como accesorio de bolso.


Good day! I wanted to ask if it would be okay to sell the physical prints of your joker model?

Hello, do you want to sell the file or do you want to produce it and sell it?

To sell the prints that I would make. I will not be selling the actual STL file

Can you sell for a small commission? How much do you intend to sell for?

Do you have an email I could reach you out on so we may discuss further?

Bonjour, pourriez vous m'envoyer les différentes cotation de ses pièces merci. Je l'ai acheté est j'aimerais avant de l'imprimer avoir toutes dimensions s'il vous plait

je parle de l'appareil a bulle


hola como se pega o se pone en la pared???????????

Hola, se puede colgar con ayuda de cinta de doble cara. Cinta de silicona de doble cara

Hi I was wondering if you sell a license to sell these? Your wall art is awesome. I'd like to make them

hello, first of all thank you for liking my wall art designs. You can use the designs for yourself. Do not use the files of the designs for commercial purposes.
You can buy and sell the print.
I would appreciate it if you could share the photos of the designs you have printed with me.

Great thank you! And Yes of course. II'm still learning about all this so as soon as I make them I will share

hi wenn ich deine Dateien kaufe darf ich die ausgedruckten werke dann verkaufen


Ich drücke die Datei. Aus und verkaufe sie dan

Natürlich können Sie drucken und verkaufen, aber ich lasse Sie die Dateien nicht verkaufen. Ich habe eine Bitte von Ihnen, können Sie Ihre Abzüge als Foto mit mir teilen?

Gerne. Die Dateien würde ich niemals verkaufen

Vielen Dank. viel Glück. guter Verdienst.

Hello sir we are opening up a new e-commerce store soon and would like to list some of your wall decors on it. Would you allow us to use it, please. We will make sure to tip you if it does well.

Hello, we talked on Instagram. You can use it after purchasing. You can sell products if you accept a commission of 0.5 euro for each sale.

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