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I don't know if you're still working on these or see the messages anymore, but I would like to find out if you could modify the base sizes on one of these. I bought the 40K INDUSTRIAL BASES - TABLEWAR MAGNETIC TRAY INSERT WITH BASES (2x60mm + 10x25mm LEFT TRAY) and was hoping you could change the 25mm bases into 28mm bases.

Hey I can't seem to find your full set of trays anymore. Is it still available anywhere?

Hey mate! I've bought the full set of industrial trays on cults, and i was wondering if it would be possible to have a right tray with only 25mm bases? At the moment there is only a right hand tray with 5 25mm bases and 2x65mm bases.

Love your work! Thanks for your help.

Hi. for the 40K NATURAL BASES - TABLEWAR MAGNETIC TRAY INSERTS WITH BASES, is it possible to get some 60mm and 80mm bases for dreadnoughts? any plans to expand this set? more landscapes etc?

Hi, would you be able to tell me if your "40K INDUSTRIAL BASES (FULL SET!) TABLEWAR MAGNETIC TRAY INSERT WITH BASES" would fit 10 60mms and 4 80mms for a whole bunch of dreadnoughts?

Do you have plans to make a jungle ruins type of thing? I have wanted to base some of my models like that.

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how cool would that be! I've been out of the 3d design game due to the day job for a bit, but maybe some day. No plans for now though. Cheers!

On your TableWar Natural base file "15x 25mm bases" is actually 14x

appreciate it, I'll see if I can fix that

I love your Industrial Bases set for 40k. Do you have plans to make a Center and Right version with the 120 mm oval in them?

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Hello Z-Axis:

I bought the all-in-one pack and loving it. Is there anyway the left, 40K industrial bases could be fitted out with normal bike bases (25mm x 70mm Oval)? My Ravenwing thanks you if you are able to pull that off :)

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Hello, do you also make bases for fantasy?

Hello Z-Axis,
I was wondering if you are going to be adding a 90mm and 80mm round base to the sets? I am working on my Deathwatch army and will be adding in Dreadnought and I know a few may want to have 80mm for the new turret.

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I really enjoyed these and have already printed out and started working on several. I would love to be able to buy matching sets for the 90mm oval bases in the center, and right tray layout as well as the 40mm in the center and left!


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