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My mate download these for me as he has a printer.
Thank you for making these as they was exactly what I was looking for!

Kind regards
Richard, Norway.

...you're welcome.

Hello, I am interested in purchasing your Willy’s wagon download for my traxxas TRX 4. I have an 8”x8”10 printer, will I be able to print all of the segments or do I need to find a 3d printer with a larger bed? Thank you, Jeff

Hello Jeff, I think with a 8"x8" bed you are in trouble... You need at least a minimum of 10"x10" print bed or you have to cut the parts in smaler pieces. Cheers, Olli

I bought the m chassis wheels for porsche.
Is it possible to get the fusion data?
Because the wheels are to thick for my car.
On the inside it need 1.5mm more space to work free.
Im happy with the wheels and i wish you best health.
The data would only for me.
I will make them to run freely, a remix you can call it

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about the bronco body, can it be printed for the 324 model?

Hey, on the 3D printed bronco doors, what hinges did you use?

Would it ne possible for you to make wider fenders? I have the Trx-4 Bronco 2021 but i need wider fenders for my new tires.

New set of fenders added. +5mm, +8mm and +10mm on each side. Have fun ...

Stock is 15mm so i would say 20mm each side

How much mm on each side ?

The model is quite good, but the thin walls on the front part are pain to work with!

Thanks for reply, I'm still learning the tricks of 3d printing, but my slicer is just ignoring the very front part of the body now matter what.

Sorry to hear. But it's the first time that i got a negative feedback about the front part. I printed it several times ... everything fine. Even the thin walls of the grill.

Hi, about Porsche Fuchs rims, may you get for standard 1/10 drift/tourng?

I mean 52mm diameter

Hello, the cab is only made for the FMS RocHobby Willys.
Will it fit on the 1/6 Dragon ?
You have to compare the measurments and size of the bodys by your own.
I'm not able to do... No Dragon, sorry.
Cheers, Olli

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Hi. I have the 1/6 scale Jeep from Dragon and wonder if your rooftop will also fit this specific body. Thanks

Hey there! I purchased your FC Jeep model and it's awesome! I was curious if you had any mounting pictures or suggestions for how to make it fit the SCX4 or for an SCX24 scale? Thank you!

Hello, no. The Bronco body is much older than the Traxxas body ... but that's a good idea ! ;-))

i just want to ask if i print this model then traxxas trx4 bronco 2021 headlight & taillight will fit in this body?

hello i was wondering on the 2021 bronco is the front bumper and front grill its own stl or file or is it one big part, reason for asking is i would like to build this but not sure how many parts there is, thank you for your time

Hello, if you look at the pictures, you'll find out that all the parts are separate. Different colour means different parts.
Cheers, Olli

I really like your work, especially the Jeep Willy's Station Wagon. I've been searching for a wagon body that I can print in 1:10 scale. I've always wanted a real one for a project, & finally after 30+ years got one - it's a '59 "Maverick Edition" according to the serial #. It's sitting in my garage while I work out some of the details of what I want to do. That's where your model would be so useful - I could do the mods (on the scale printout) to work out bugs/esthetic preferences. I've been trying to purchase your model (several times over last few weeks) but the cults3d site won't accept my visa payment info & I can't figure out why (i buy stuff online with no issues - often thru Amazon). If you have any ideas or ways to help I'd appreciate it. I REALLY want this model - i finally got my 3d printer dialed in for printing the thin walled RC bodies. Thanks (in advance) for you time. - not including personal info bcuz I think these msgs are unfortunately not private...

On the Ford Bronco 2021, the grille letters for the "C" and second "O" are messed up. Is there a way you can fix that and re-upload the part?

Bronco 2021 modelo IS compatible with trx4 sport!? Need supports for sport model?

Yes ! TRX4 Sport has the same chassis. 313mm wheelbase and same chassis plates and rockslider...

Hi I'm looking into printing the Jeep fc body I was wondering what software I need and printer I have nothing to do it with and looking to get into it I use Mac computers

I think I love you!!! Great subject material... Will be back when I find a chassis! Hot diggity dog!

Hello Perry,

the german word "Schweller" is what you call "rocker panel" !
You are right, there is no tailgate. For my M715 I used only a chain ...
The project is closed. If I can do something for you - I let you know.
Cheers, Olli

Olli: I purchased the RC BODY JEEP KAISER M715 SCALE CRAWLER 1/10 for a friend and we can't figure out where the sill or Schweller is used. Also, there is no tailgate for the Jeep. Any chance you can model one and add it to the model?
Thank you!

Hi I have a longer wheel base rc vehicle and would like to know the chances of you making the 4 door variant?

What motor file did you use for the Capra buggy and where do I find it