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is there anyway to get a cocky bust in STL?

hey, do you think you can send me the link of the spring for the shotgun granade luncher?

Is the body of the Breaking Bad RV model solid or hollow?

It's solid so you can hollow it yourself using your favorite slicer and parameters.

hi i was wondering how long it would take for me to print your Hellsing jakal gun

Well it totally depends on your printers and settings. Plop it into your slicer and find out.

Hey, Id really like to make your Sam L Jackson and Jon Travolta models, id like to do them in 1:6 Scale but theyre slightly too low poly for that. Would you be willing to make an update? Id be happy to pay for it

I'm really sorry I don't have the time right now, but if you find someone who can you have my permission to do it :)

hola, estoy interesado en el archivo de johnnie walker, tenes los parametros para imprimirlo correctamente? me refiero a los soportes que necesita, muchas gracias

For a resin printer if you print the usual way (30-40 degree angle with manual supports added where needed it wouldnt be a problem to print. Just be very careful with the cane it's thin and fragile.
I like to mix 5-10% or flexible resin to most of my prints to make the final result less brittle and prone to breaking.

i have a PLA printer, do you know if it still possible?

It should be possible if you print it big enough

Yes I do mind
License is No derivative
read the licenses, they are here for a reason.

sorry didnt know you own copyrights for beavis and butthead
...ill remove it then from the community

Beavis & Butt-head and related characters are ™ & © Viacom, Inc. Hembeck character is ™ & © Fred G. Hembeck.

hope they dont mind

It doesn't matter I am still the owner of this file and I can choose what happens to it, so either you remove your file or I'll have it removed.

ill sell it on etsy

If you do this I will have the object removed and you store closed, I have done it before many times it's really easy.
If I were you I would behave a bit better, this conversation is public and will be forwarded to the site admins.

yeah, seems like you did

salut j'ai télécharger ton couteau balistique je voudrais savoir comment puis-je faire pour eventuellement en vendre car je connais plusieurs personnes intéresser voila merci


For your TMNT mini play set, is this set designed more for resin or fdm printing? I do not see layer lines and with some details, wasn’t sure if fdm would be possible. Amazing design!

je vous envoie ce message pour vous dire que le filetage pour la tète de dragon et trop gros par rapport au filetage d'une réplique d'airsoft.
merci et bonne journée
si possible d'avoir le nouveaux fichier merci

salut je t'envois ce message pour te dire que sur ton couteau balistique il manque la tige pour le bouton poussoir moi je l'ai fait mais voila je previens c'est tout merci d'avance

hola te compre stl jhonnee walker. quisiera saber si lo imprimis acostado o parado, si le pones soporte y que configuracion de soporte usas. yo tengo una ender 3. espero tu respueta para imprimirlo gracias

I print it standing up but slightly angled back (the base being at something like 25-30 degrees from horizontal), I use medium supports on the base and smaller ones to support smaller details.

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Hi, is 'The trip to the moon' model just the front half and flat on the back? I am looking into making it into a light in the corner of my daughter's room. She loves this image so much she keeps a picture of it beside her bed.

Yes it's flat on the back, you can see the 360 3d preview in the thumbnails if you use the arrows to the right.

Paid for and downloaded Tottoro model to be made as gift for somweone special. Printed with recommended supports. What a waste of resin and time. Please learn how to use supports for resin use prior to recommending them . To heavy and thick for the model required. Learn depth of contact on small and delicate features to help in removal of supports.Now have to reprint again after adding supports properly. Holes in Tottoro's back from to deep contact and many other problems. Not Happy. Money and time wasted.

I tried many different supports before using these, it worked great on my printer I'm really sorry It didn't work out for you.

Do you have or are you able to make plans for the gilling sword pommel handle and guard?

I have a lot of work at the moment but I'll try to look into it once I have more time :)

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Thank you,

Hi I was looking to get info on using it for commercial purposes

which model ? send me a message to info@helices.be

hola 1986 FLEETWOOD BOUNDER - BREAKING BAD RV que tamaño es ?

What is experimental archeology?

I see you're into airsoft. I really like air rifles myself. Especially big bore air rifles. I'm wanting to find a suppressor for a 45 caliber air rifle.
Thanks in advance

You can first scale them 1000%, then save them, re open and rescale it should be easier. Or use meshlab and you will scale them without any problem.

If it doesnt work this way I'll check the exact measurements :)

Hello I bought the Totoro diorama and its super nice but I want to scale it up 100%, but every time I try to open up the individual files it tells me the object is too small and that I have to scale it up all the way and then adjust it. And since I cant see the measurements of each object on the "Autre supports" file, it's difficult for me to scale them correctly. Would it be possible to get the original measurements of each object?

Hi, I bought your danse macabre model, it's very nice. I have a question, where did you get the design of the sculpture, did you sculpt it yourself, is it based on another author's design?
Thank you.

Like all my model I sculpted everything myself. It's based on an illustration I found online.

Hello, brother, I downloaded your model on cults3d.com today. It's about breaking bad RV. When I paid for the download, I opened it and found that the model is not very fine. Looking at your home page should be able to do better. I don't know why. At present, the main problem is some attachments. I'm not sure where they should be placed. There is no detailed description after downloading. As you can see, please restore: 451057135@qq.com , thank you.

Hi Snorri

A question about your 3d design for the Hedeby Viking chest: is this scaleable to any size?