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Buenas! Descarge tu archivo. Muy bueno. El único inconveniente no puedo multiplicarlo en el cura. Reduzco el tamaños a unos 70 mm en x y multiplicó por unidades, al segmentar se clava y sale un error. Sabrás cómo solucionarlo?

Hello! I got your SCROLL PLANT SCULPTURE a while ago and you mentioned you tried to design it so it would not use supports. I was wondering what printer you used that it printed without supports. I have a Mono X and an Kobra Max.

Hi, I am afraid that if you use fdm printer there may be less chances to print it without supports. But with resin printer, the chances can better. I never tried to print it, so no promises... There can be angles less than 45 degrees.

Hi, I purchased the naked gnome to make a gift but have a question. Is there a way for me to remove the hat and him not be bald? Sorry still new at printing. Thanks

Hi. There is files that contain parts before boolean operations, so you can remove the cap. But the gnome will be bald. Here is some hair, https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/curly-hair-i it can be added there and with some skills, you may adjust it to fit there(scale, move, rotate, deform...) As far as you bought the gnome, I may give the hair to you for free. But if you want me to adjust it for you, I suggest that you to buy the hair as well. So, give me your email, and I'll send it to you, if you need it.

Thanks for the quick reply. That's perfect I don't mind buying the hair. I didn't see it before.

Hi, I bought the hair. I guess I over estimated my skills. I just can't make it look right. If you could adjust it I'll be willing to pay for your time if you would like. I would really appreciate it. If you want to see receipts of the items I can email it to you. My email is fgrimlv@gmail.com. Thanks

Hi, ok. will make it for you, no additional payments required. But you have to wait, may be a couple of days or so, I just have not free time right now.

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No rush and no worries. I'm in no hurry. Thank you so much

Hi. May be I can, but I don't know technical requirements - wall thickness, shape and size of the openings... so it may take time and several attempts; so it hardly to be profitable for me, I just don't know what this thing is and how it should be made. Sorry.

Hello. Is it possible to buy a file to sell the prints? Many thanks

Hello, Yes, you can sell the prints. Sell as many as you can :) But only the prints, the files are mine to sell.

Fantastic thank you so much for such a fast reply

I would like to print Your MOOSE SCULPTURE. Can You sell .stl only for better price?

Hi, no, but will reduce the price for a while, so you can buy it, later the price will be back. Thanks :)

And sorry, initial price should be 39 $, not euro, I so high by mistake

Thank You, I bought it :)

Hello, I would be interested only in the smoke part of your rocket design. Do you sell it separately?

I can accept payments outside of the cite and I am to busy to make it separate model for sale, so I just reduce the price for while, so you can buy it with 50% discount. After you've bought it I will rice the price back.

Will I have any issues if I try to make it much bigger?
I'm thinking about 5" tall.


I purchased you elephant and wanted to print it in resin. How do we support it without putting supports inside as they wont be able to be removed. Fairly new to this. Thanks

Thanks for purchasing.
So, if you are new, you better to watch some videos on how to work in your software.
Usually softwares make supports automatically. Yes if you use support inside it will be not easy to remove them.
There should be way to make automatic supports so it appears only outside of the model.
Though there is such printers that print supports with different material that are solvable and can be just washed out later. In this case support can be removed from inside.
I never had such a printer. I have LCD one that prints with resin, so I can advise to increase time for light exposure in settings with that you will make sure that the resin condense enough, it may be necessary for some places. But it may take longer time to print.

And I think the result may depend on size of the model, it is too large the places that are close horizontally overhang may fail. If it is too small the wires itself may warp during the printing. A can advice you more, just find a video or an article about your printer and software. I used chitubox software, I don't know if it works with your printer. Just make research and may be try to print something more simple first, here should be free models. Even I have a free one https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/cat-bas-relief

Thanks for messaging back. I printed first at 100% size and flipped it upside down on the platform in Chitubox. I then added the auto supports and raised it 5mm from the platform. I only added supports from the platform and printed with the normal resin settings on my Mars 2 pro. It printed perfectly with no supports inside. After I removed it from the printer it was very soft so I cured it before removing the supports and it looks perfect. Next time I would increase the exposure times to harden the resin a bit more. I decided to print bigger and prepared the model at 170% size, I did the same thing and flipped it upside down, raised it 5mm from platform and used auto supports from platform only. This time it added about 6 supports through the center of the model. I removed these manually. I then printed again at the resins recommended settings and again the print was perfect. The supports from the back removed easily but have to be careful since the model is mesh. Thanks again for a great model. I posted what I did in this message as it may help others who are new to this get a great print. Love the fact too that this uses almost no resin but looks so good.

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Can the mesh elephant be printed in resin? Thanks

I like your acorn model and have an illustrator file that I would like made into a 3d model. can you save as .3dm rhino?
I can email the design to you for a quote. I can also us STL or OBJ files.

thank you

Hi, there is contact info (little icons close to my user pic) in my profile. You can write me there. But I can provide you only with .stl, .obj.

Please can you advise of your policy concerning the selling of physical prints/carvings of your designs. Many thanks.


I am interested by your Boar Head Low Poly.
Could you take me what is the maximum size on 3D printer with a bed size 30x30cm in single part ?
Do you have an estimation of the PLA weight to make the model with 5% infill, 5 layers on bottom and top, and two contour thickness (Nozzle 0,4mm)
Thank you very much.
Best regards.

Die Datei ist Fehlerhaft und kann nicht geöffnet werden !
Bitte nochmal überarbeiten und zusenden ! Danke
The file is faulty and can not be opened !
please revise and resend !

Hello. I want to buy your fist model. Is the model flat on the bottom? Also as a black small business, I would love to 3d print the model and donate and sell it if that is okay with you. I will make sure I have the original designer in my posts on my social media platforms.

compre la cabeza de tigre y no me ha llegado

Hi lsumariner,
It is technically possible, but I am a little busy now and will be busy fo several days. And I think you can use services like Shapeways to get the model printed. Or you can wait I can't say how long, and I never had sent printed items to any one so I do not know what will be the cost for it.

PS. I hope you will read it, because I can't sent you direct message.

Hey man, I've seen your 3D printed naked gnome. I don't have a 3d printer. I was wondering if you'd sell the finished product.

thanks for answering my message, I hope we can work, it is possible that you can do this design, this is the designs that

Buenas podrias hablar contigo sobre los precios que tienes para hacer cada pieza,

Hi there, I downloaded the acorn but I won't go into my carve pro just comes up blank. It dose show tho on my Mac. any ideas ?\

Bonjour Skazok,
Nous vous avons acheté hier un modèle tete de gnome. Serait il possible d'avoir le fichier en iges ou xt.
Nous sommes sur un projet ou nous voudrions uniquement la barbe.Jai besoin d'avoir ce type de fichier pour enlever des éléments
Merci d'avance