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Hola, quería consultarte por un diseño que tenes publicado de Carl y Ellie de la pelicula UP de pixar. quiero saber que incluyen los archivos...solo es Carl y Ellie, incluye la casita con los globos, está realizado en despiece??

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Hola qué tal, viene solo Carl y Ellie pues tengo que poner solo diseños míos, la casita y globos los encuentras free... ;-)

One of the files is corrupted and will not open.

Send me your e-mail to resend please

Hi, i have just bought the Up-couple, and after printing all parts, elie's upper body does not have a slot/whole to enable it to connect to the lower part

hi. i have bought ur model bloodsport-o-grande-dragao-branco20200703-24853-110tqxs.zip. i was wondeing if u would share the scale down sizes for the boys to be 50mm instead of 100mm if its not to hard for you to figure out. only been at 3d printing for 3 days now thanks

when putting it in the slicer, reduce the scale by 50%

Hey is there any chance I can purchase the Floki stl so I can print on my resin printer?

yes the file is already whole or you can put it in Chitubox for example...

Could you repost floki and Ragnar first wife. I was about to but their files and they was gone

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I will have to change the name to viking warrior

Je rencontre un soucis avec le fichier STL indo1.stl, merci de faire le necessaire svp cela m'affiche un rectangle sur le slicer

Ils sont déjà corrigés, passez par 3dbuilder

Tengo una duda, tiene el cabello incluido o no?

Si tiene a los 2

Tengo una duda, tiene el cabello incluido o no?

Si tiene las 2 cabezas

bonsoir, je viens d'acheter votre fichier, il est composé de plusieur parties, je souhaiterai savoir la taille reel une fois assembler svp?
merci j'attend de vos nouvelles
bonne soirée

Ceci est pour l'échelle 1:6 qui atteint environ 30 cm


what size will the printed skull have?

you can size it on your slicer, but it is original with approximately 15 cm

I love figurines of knights and other!

oh me too


I'm looking at the Ragnar figure. I would like to print a 12" high model. Would this work? Is it one piece or broken and keyed?

you can scale this in your slicer

Im looking for a designer to complete the Vikings family.
I would like the iconic Bjorn Ironside on horse from the last season.
Can u contact me to work something out ? thanks! love your work

they already made this model around, so I didn't follow up on doing more of the theme


The file was sent to the storage system of the website where you bought it, please send me your email and I will send the file again without problem. Sincerely FAMADVB.

Dear Sir/Madam

I recently purchased the Floki statue that you ve made .
I m trying to unrar the files and it says that its destroyed.
Please contact me immediately! Cause i paid 15.99 for the floki statue!
Thanks a lot!
Best regards

Hi, man. The files are in STL format. And you have downloaded a ZIP file, and you need to extract the STL's from from this zip file. Please, try it and if you still have a problem, send another message.
Thank you

i paid for the download of your blood sport model, and its in rar form which the two software programs i use for my 3d printers dont recognize, any chance you have this file in stl format?

I’m curious to know how you created this model, because it is so accurate in its detail. It can’t be a scan because it’s a still from a film. Do you create this entirely in one CAD program or was there another stage?

buenas estaria interesado pero se puede bajar el precio? gracias