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Is there a rough ETA for the Blood Angel shoulder pad set?

How is the fit up for the new plastic mk6? Does this file include ones for that use?

What file?

Your work looks great. I am new to resin printing, and don't know much about making supports - are your files already supported when downloaded? I just need to know what I'm getting myself into with a purchase.
Thanks much!

Hi, no. Most of them are not supported. If they are it's said in the description or shown in the photo

Evening Mr Warden

Are you going to create a Red Scorpion banner and any other stuff?

Thank you

Maybe in the future

Hello there,
Any chance you could please make some Gravis torso variants with different options to put on them in a Blender customizing file?

I don't have any plans for gravis atm

Hi there, I’ve bought a few of your banners now and the quality is excellent! I’m desperate to get an Emperors Children one to be my company standard (10th Company). Are there plans to add more legions or if not any idea when commissions will open again please?

Again kudos on the excellent work!!

I'll eventually make standards for all the legion but I don't have any more set designs atm

Hi, I bought two of your helmet packs today (one by accident, but that's OK) I thought I would get the Blender files for the top knots, but neither seem to include those. I wanted to create some different plumes with some different bases for the Justaerin I am planning to build.Is there any chance you have that file somewhere?

Hi, the blender files I provide are just to select the details on the pack, the parts are not divisible themselves. The plumes in particular are sculpted and decimated so they can't be separated.
If you want to chage the base you can import the topknot stl and just cut out its base with a boolean modifier. Look up 'blender boolean diference' on youtube

I figured it out and was able to print a nice selection of different plumes all using the base of #1. Thanks for the push in the right direction.

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Looking to see if you're available to do a Chapter banner for "Novamarines" for a primaris ancient, as well as a chapter master back pack banner?

Hi,, commissions are closed atm

Hi, do you still have gen3 non-rune helmets available?

They're in there too with the runic ones.

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Oh brilliant, thank you for the awesome work!

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No Red Scorpions banner =(
Can I have more please sir =)

Good morning, I have picked up your Night Lord and Iron hand banners and would love an Emperors Children and Sons of Horus version please

Are you looking to reopen commissions in the near future as I need some banners designed if you're agreeable....

Probably next weekend. I'll post when I open on instagram

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I look forward to it then! Quite a few banners needed (Chapter Banner + Each Company Banner) if that's okay... not a rush project though.

Just followed you on Instagram as well...

Love your work! Some T-sons themed or Egyptian style helms, shoulders, torsos would be amazing!


I am a big fan of your banners. Do you mind to make 2-3 for the Grey Knights? Thanks :)


GK banner designs styles don't really translate into 3d. I might make one at some point but I don't have any plans atm


Love your work. Ive purchased a few of yout helmet packs and I gotta say they are amazing!

I would like to make a request for a type of helmet if you can humor me.

In your forefront veterans pack, head C. Could you remove the cross on the helmets forehead? The helmet looks exactly like the way mk 4 helmets were drawn in the old heresy art and I would love to have the chance to print and use that helmet.

Let me know if you are at all interested.


It's been added

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A thousand thank you's good sir

Any plans to add the short version of the torso without the jump harness into the iron jump pack set?

Hey there. Love your stuff. Just wondering if you are going to release any shoulder pads for the yellow fists space men? I like your shoulder pads best.

yes, they are on the to-do list

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bonjour , je viens d'acheter les fichiers de power hammer.... mais il ne contient que 1 hammer et il est écrit quil en contient 10.
je crois quil manque des fichiers

I've changed the .rar for a .zip. See if that helps

Hey man. A heads up - wanted to get the nightlords chainswas, but they seem hidden somewhere :)

Was just about to say the same actually damn shame I was hoping to print them before going for a walk :(

Thank, it's back up again

Greetings! I purchased the DA shoulderpads STL (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/da-six-wings-shoulderpads), and first off wanted to say thank you for the excellent work.

I was hoping to move the laurels and the scroll from the terminator pads to some of the other ones. Any chance you have a blender or STL file with just the laurels and the scroll by themselves, before I go mucking around trying to add them myself?


No, those are fused to the pads. There some detail like that on my early free models tho i think it's slightly curved to put on fists

Hello! Can you share with me SLT of legs from this miniature?

hi mate.
i just bought the terminator world eaters heads, and only got 1 head out of 10 shown (number 007) is there a mistake somewhere,is it my computer who fucks up

You should have gotten a .zip compressed file as well. If you didn't, try downloading it again. You can open .zip files with free programs like winrar or 7z

Hi, I hope you are well. I recently purchased the Emporers Spears banner file and had a query. In the description it states that right and left handed variations are included but when i un-zip and open the folder it only shows 1 file for the non-handed variant. Please could you advise?

I've changed the .rar for a .zip. See if that helps

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thank you

Just a heads up the 3 supported big nozzles on the winged jetpack have reverse faces on the raft.

it's been fixed

Hello, I bought the "MONOVISOR MARINE HELMETS" (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/monovisor-marine-helmets), which are fantastic, but when I enter the Blender file, I can't find where it is the option of the "antenna" and the "visor" (the small one that goes over the ear). I don't know if they are not in the Blender archive or if I am unable to find them (I don't have much experience in Blender). Greetings and thanks.

I've added it to the blender file