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I found your designs yesterday and man oh man are they gorgeous. I've always loved the Minotaurs in 40k but never bothered trying to collect a small force of them but your Minotian sculpts are to good to not print.

Thanks, glad you like them:) If you like these (ones I've kitbashed while learning to model over a year ago), def check out the newer updated stuff on Atlan Forge Patreon and MMF. Cheers!

Hi, I've downloaded your Death Rider, and firstly, amazing design. Incredible.

I don't suppose you have a copy of the rider's body without the horse? I'm happy to pay for it.



Hey, is it possible to get the Minoan Captain not as solid pieces? I'm hoping to remix him.

a dragon with armor has small wings that do not fit the body.

Fantastic detail

hey i love your minis!, but for your Egyptian warriors there isnt any left arms in the pack, or any that arnt supported? can i maybe get the files or update the pack so everyone can? thank you

Hi, glad you like 'em! Most of the stuff has only L or R parts, to save size, cause you can just one-click and mirror it in the printing programs. Cheers!

Your Egyptian marines are going to make some awesome thousand sons! Any chance you'd want to make some Egyptian terminators?

Already have, and other Aegyptus stuff too:) Check out Atlan Forge MMF store. Cheers!

Great work dude, keep up the good work!

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Hey sorry. I got it now. Thanks.

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the minoan capt presupported is just a block. did i miss somthing thnks

There should be a rar file in which the files are compressed, just instal winrar(free program) and un-rar it.

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I hope you will upload more of warhammer 40k models

Thanks, glad you like the models:) You know, these were done back when I was still learning to model, if you want to see what I'm currently up to (and is taking up my whole time), check this out: www.patreon.com/atlanforge

I love your models. The Emperor's Lion Guard the Storm Shield will not open and cant seem to repair it.

Hey, glad you like the models:) Those are back when I learned how to make 'em, you can check out the new stuff on Atlan Forge patreon/mmf. I see the storm shield isn't in the pre-supported files. It works in the unsupported version though, you can get it from there. Cheers!

Your terminators are awesome! I love how you did them, but I've got a question, is there a way I could edit the pose of the models? In my case, I want to bend one of the knees to make it look like he's standing on a rock or a corpse. Thank you very much!

Hi, thanks, that was quite some time ago while I was still learning to model. Got some new ones you might wanna check out on the Atlan Forge MMF. As for bending the knees it's not simple to explain, I suggest you find some youtube modelling tutorials on it. Good luck!


I cant find the left arms in the Egyptians soldier package

thank you

Ah I see, you just mirror them in lychee or chitubox to get the left ones. Btw, you can check out the store for some newer Aegyptian stuff. Cheers! www.myminifactory.com/users/AtlanForge

Love your work, especially the horse mounted Marines. Though how did 4 different insignias gets used and none of them are Scars?

Hey, thanks, glad you like them! Yeah, those were made back when I learned how to model so I've kinda made the ones folks asked me too. Now I'm all focus on the Atlan Forge patreon. There's some new/better cavalry on the store here (not the scars though but maybe you can use them to kitbash) www.myminifactory.com/users/AtlanForge

on the cybernetic and classic mounted royal guard the main body file is an image instead of a 3d file


Un-rar using winrar. Cheers!

Hey !
Just found out about your work and I fell in love with the dragon and thinking of using it as a Helldrake for my Chaos army. Although, I love the armor on the dragon but I cant seem to find the stls for it. I find the Dragon, the Knight ontop, and weapons it can be mounted on. But not the armor, is it in one of those kits?

Cheers man and have a happy new year!

Hey man, been a while since I made it, but as I recall, the armour is already on the dragon?

Happy new year to you as well!

amazing models, truly. any chance of standalone female space knights? working on a valkyrie unit

Thanks, glad you like 'em. There are two so far on Atlan Forge MMF, the "Valkyries" and the "Athenai", and there will be more on the patreon eventually. Cheers!

any chance the angelic lion knights will get supports :)

Nope, these free models are as is, all my focus is on Atlan Forge Patreon:) There will soon be an updated version of them there (with supports). Cheers!

Hey there, love your work. But after looking at the presupported Elite Heavy Infantry folder, I notice they aren't in there. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, thanks, glad to you like it! They're there, you need winrar (free program) to un-compress the files - they're compressed to reduce size. Also, you can check out the Atlan Forge patreon or MMF shop for the newer stuff. Cheers!

Здравствуй у тебя очень хорошие миниатюры, хотел бы и я что-то такое делать :)

hey man ive got your minoan captain and when i went to print the presupported version it just broke down cause of the sheer amount of islands

Hey, I made the model, but the supports were done by another guy who offered it for free. Seemed to work fine for folks so far. Not making for Cults anymore though, too busy with all the patreon stuff. Cheers!

Hi there ! Just made the dragon and wondering about dowels or snap tabs for Fixing the model together . I don’t see it in the files ? So I need to make them myself or have I missed something ?

Ok well there are indentations specifically for the head . Some are square and some cylyndrical so I will just measure and print . Only the wings have a flat and flush glue able surface . Still a newb 😂 thank you for your help!

Hey! Been a while since I made it, but I think you just glue it together as is. Saw a bunch of them assembled, it shouldn't be a problem.

Was wondering if you have a file that either has the lion riders or the royal guard without mounts

No, but I think you should be able to trace it from the credits. Been a long time since I made the stuff. Cheers!

Hey, man!

Big fan here...sent you a message a couple days ago about your Patreon and already got a couple of your paid sculpts. Worth every cent.

However, I also love your Term...I mean, ELITE HEAVY INFANTRY models. But for some reason the downloadable file from Cults does not contain the 3D models. Just a Place holder file and a Lychee file. Is that how you meant it to be or did you forget to zip the files?

I would love to have .stl or .obj versions like your other models.

Is that asking too much?

Again, big fan.



Hey Gabriel, glad you like the models! I'm just making the stuff so 3d printing is hieroglyphs to me, another dude made those supports for free. I'm pretty sure though that lychee scene's got all the pre-supported files you need, cause folks already printed using it.

Actually it´s just the Supported version that doesn´t have the .stl versions....any chance to get those? The unsupported are there.