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Hey! I'm a huge fan of your work! I was wondering if you could add a print from your patreon.. The wall mount skull wearing a hood. I would love to puchase that model, thanks!

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Hi, thank you very much, I'll be adding that model to cults3d soon.

Awesome news! Thanks so much!!!

Hi dude, printed a few of your designs and have to say I love them. I was just wondering if you're planning to upload the cyberpunk model to cults3d or if it's going to stay a patreon exclusive. I'd love to print this model.

Many thanks

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Hi, thank you very much, I will be uploading the Cyberpunk model to cults soon!

Hi, in Russia you can buy on Etsy?

I love your work. When it comes to painting what is your base color coat? Thanks

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To bad you don't have a paint tutorial....

Hi, I use opaque water based enamel to give the base colour, then I use acrylics.
Here you can see some painting processes I have done.


hello for the lion articulated, it printed flawessy n my bambu but the clearange is huge and so much articulated that there is no way it can stand up (i guess it's because f the scale).
Did you succed to make it stand with a 100 % size ?

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Hi, on slippery surfaces it is difficult to stand it up, it is designed to be used with the orb or cub so it is easier to give it different positions.

Now that your continuing to make masks like SkullDroid & Catrina, how about a Werewolf..??
I don't belong to Patreon, so it's possible you've already done this..lol

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I like the idea, I haven't made a wolf one yet. Thank you!

Hi, I purchased the 4 aliens stl. Are they printed with support? if so Normal or Tree?

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Hello, thank you for your purchase. They are printed with supports and I recommend you use tree support.


Does this included the Mask of the Hannya that has hair on her head?

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Hello, yes, both masks are included in the download.

Hi, i just got your skulldroid model and i was wondering if you could upload the
model as well here?
let me know thank you

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Hi, my SkullDroid model is available here on Cults3d.
I saw that you already downloaded it, thanks!

Thank you for letting me know

Printed your water rabbit head and it’s beautiful, I showed some people and they said it would be fantastic if it had the body with it sat down, could you design this and incorporate it? I would love to print it as a full figurine.


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Hi Thank you very much, I like the idea, I may be able to do it

Hello, what is the name of the purple colour filament you used for the melted girl print please

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Hello, it is Esun eSilk Pla Purple filament

Hello, I think you're designs are amazing and I want to print all of them. I was curious if you had a discord or patreon where you could purchase access to all your files? Thank you! Keep up the along work

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Hello, thank you very much!

By subscribing to my Patreon you will be able to download my entire collection including exclusive models, plus you will have license to sell prints of my models.



I'm interested in the wearable catrina stl file

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Hi, for now it's only available on my Patreon


Hi, great model!! I wonder what 3d modeling software you use and what do you paint your models with once printed?? Thank you in advance and congratulations!

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Hello Thank you very much, I use Zbrush and I paint with acrylics and enamels.

Ok, thanks for the response. Do you use an airbrush? Or just with brushes?

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I use airbrush and brushes

Can I ask you which airbrush do you use? (I want to buy one but I don’t know which) Thanks for the reply.

I recommend you to buy a basic airbrush, the important thing is a good compressor that allows you hours of use.

Would it be possible to purchase the f3d or step file for personal use?

Sorry, I don't use fusion


Ty for the updated file. I did modify the pins to be slightly bigger and stays open while hanging on the wall. Love the model

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Thank you!!

Hello, I'm considering becoming member on patreon but cannot find any information on what the "Welcome Pack" includes. Which stl files? Is it limited or full library access? Can you please help clear things up for me? Thank you!

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Hi, by subscribing to my Patreon you will have access to my entire collection of STL models, including exclusive models, with no download limit.

hola buenos días, he intentado contactarte mediante Instagram. En la suscripción de patreon hay limite de descarga?? si me suscribo tengo acceso a descargar todos tus archivos?? me encantan tus mascaras de pared las quiero colocar en mi setup me parecen una puta pasada. Gracias un saludo.

Hola, suscribiéndote a mi Patreon tendrás acceso a toda mi colección de modelos sin limite de descarga.

bonjour !
je cherche la tête de le mexicaine avec le crane par dessus ?

Good morning !
I'm looking for the head of the Mexican with the skull on top?

Hi, for now only available on my Patreon.

Wo bekomme ich die stl von cyberpunk zum Kauf. Nicht als Verkauf. Nur für mich

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Hi, for now only available on my Patreon.

I bought Tiger wall hanging. It's very difficult to make Fang face stick to slicer in Cura as you provided in actual position but not in printer position. Please let me know how I can print it easily.

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Hi, I used layer height 0.1 , 3 line wall count, 15% infill, no supports, I recommend using Raft on the build plate adhesion, with an extra margin of 6.0 Raft and 0.2 Raft air gap.

Hi, by subscribing to my Patreon you will have access to my entire collection of models.

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Having issues with layer lines and missing filament when printing Venus and some with Aphrodite, what are your settings and I am using Creality S1 pro with cura slicer.

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Hi, you should print them upside down, I recommend using 3 wall layers and 0.2 layer height, it works fine with PLA.

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