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Are you on Instagram? I’d like to tag you on your designs I’ve printed.

Hello, I love the golf ball trophy, however it keep breaking off at the stem about 10-15% after the ball starts printing. I've tried it twice but no luck. Any way to make the stem or tee bigger / more radius so it doesn't break off at 50% print?

Try increasing your shells and infill and/or scale it up 10-20% as it will make that section bigger so stronger. I've printed more of these than I can remember and never had an issue so this should be a realively simple fix. Making that stem thicket starts making it look unnatural... but this should print no problem. I should add effective filament cooling is important to make sure the stem is full hardened before the wider ball parts starts printing. NOt all machines have as effective filament cooling as others...

Hi do you offer other sport designs too?

Serait-il possible d'avoir les fichiers de l'oeuf en version modifiable pour Fusion 360 ? Je vousrais ajouter une gravure, et je n'y parviens pas en important le stl comme maillage. Merci par avance !

Désolé... Je conçois dans Rhino et je ne peux pas enregistrer dans des fichiers .f3d.

Merci tout de même, et merci pour le partage :-)

how many grams is the butterfly knife

Is it posibel to get permission to sell the models I print of your designs.. ?

merry christmas to you

hi, would it be possable to do GONE SAILING an also a GONE BIKING mini floor stands

These are available on Thingiverse at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1977933/files

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Good morning,
I wanted to print 2 times your distributor rabbit enlarged by 20%, but each time it stops in the middle of the 2nd layer. displaying after some time without working: print finisch
Can you help me to solve this problem.
Knowing that I print in PLA at 210 °c at a speed 80 m/s
best regards

Hello. I have your Large Easter Egg and none of your top files have the built in support.

those mini floor signs are perfect! thank you for sharing 💖

Hi ,
I love your work , thank you for sharing it .
Stay safe

Thanks for your message and I assume you are wanting to sell prints of my design. If so the way I work with others printing my designs is they pay me a 15% royalty on the sale price... paid monthly via PayPal to muzz64nz@gmail.com. Obviously this is on an honesty basis but most people seem to do the right thing by me and honor their commitment... I hope this works for you too.

All the best


Hello! What is the price for the easter egg bunny, if i want to print for comercial use? Thanks!