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Do you have plans for making VF-1J armored Valkyrie?

I can’t thank you enough. Thanks for sharing those great model!!!
Macross is my favourite!

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Hi Looking to print YF-21 STURMVOGEL but its too big for my Resin printer and want to keep the size as is, Do you have any Cut files for smaller Resin printers. My FDM would not do it justice. Thanks in advance and great design work.

Love your stuff!! I know you didnt watcha lot of Mospeada but was wondering if any plans to model the ships there? They have some nice designs and you seem to be the best one as far as keeping faithful to original designs! much respect and keep up[ the great works!

Formidable bibliothèque, merci! J'ai dû réaliser des "corrections" dans le modèle (VF-25F) avant de l'imprimer avec Meshmixer et Blender (slicer: Prusaslicer) mais sinon, merci!

Hello! I would like to know if you would allow your models to be used in the following Mechwarrior 5 mods: MercTech, PirateTech, and the Community asset bundle. You will be credited for your work.

Sure, thank you!

so far i LOVE your VF models! was wondering if you knew where i could get a model of the X-9 Ghost from Macross Plus... i am printing the YF 19 and 21 and wanted the X-9 to go with them.

Thank you! Sure, the ghost can be found here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3190771/files

Minivalks, wondering if I can use some of your models for use in HBS Battletech?

Sure! Thank you

can i use one of your models as a mod in Mechwarrior 5?

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Amazing! Thanks a lot for this
I'll put you high up into the credits, your models are absolutely amazing
Call me on Discord if you want to see the progress ;)

Just wanted to say thanks along with all the others on here. They are incredible models and I really appreciate that you have included the mini scales for nice, robust printing.

I'd like to throw out a request, which I'm almost embarrassed to do since you've already contributed so much. But, what the hell, here goes.

If you are considering adding on to your collection, would it be possible to create armored pack versions of the Frontier and Delta era fighters?

Thanks once again.

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Thank you! Unfortunately I've slowed down a lot with my Macross fanart. Life has been pretty busy, and my plans are a bit mixed up now. As for the Armored versions of valks: Unfortunately it's very unlikely.

Ah, gotcha. Thanks for the reply and good look with the real world stuff.

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Any chance we might see some more of the capital ships like the Meltron or Zentran from macross 2? Or the support ships from the fleets that were with battle 7. All your designs are amazing.

I wanted to drop a quick note to thank you very much for Macross 5!
I like your interpretation and look forward to printing it. You are very generous of your time and talents to share this with all of us. Thank you again.

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P.S. You may have forgotten the connector piece for the main body halves. Nevertheless, I love it!

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Thank you, I appreciateit! Oh darn, I'll update the file as soon as I can.

Hello there, This might sound a bit of an odd question. I absolutely love the Yf-19 you have done; I was wondering when you make these stls do you model them in sections or as a whole model? basically I would love both a gear walk and Battloid mode version as well as flight mode of this design so I was wondering if you had plans to do those? if not are you able to split a model into components so that I could possibly assemble my own?

Many thanks


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Hi Andy! Thank you for the compliments! Unfortunately there are no plans for battroid, gerwalk or more detailed versions of the 19 at this time. I can try to send you the file with broken up pieces, if it's possible. I'll have to take a look at it.

Oh Dude...
Macross 7, mere weeks after asking if you could make it. You are the BEST! I never expected to see this so soon, I figured you had a whole list of other things you wanted to do first. A year away at best, but no, you bust it right out! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!

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Awesome! I hope you like the model! Please let me know if there are any issues with it. The Battle 5, 13, 21 and 25 are up next.

Macross 5 ? And the Frontier too? So much Macross love. You are very generous sir, thank you so much!

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love your work. Keep it up. I would love to see your tame on the Legioss Alpha and Beta fighters

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While I'm not really a fan of Mospeada (never saw the show in it's entirety), I've always loved the Legioss! I definitely plan on making it one of these days, including the "new" 2007 concept/reimagining version with the forward swept wings.

Love Your work. Keep It up. I would love to see your take on the Legioss Alpha and Beta fighters

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Thank you so much for your uploads!! I've loved Macross since my childhood this brings back memories. All the best to you!!!

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I like your SDF-2 designs. I’m trying to upload the file to Shapeways to print (not for sell).

The first file “SDF2 - Body B” I uploaded, is priced at $251.98.

This is higher than expected price based on models of similar size, even larger models, don’t price this high (based on orders I’ve placed).

Based on the information below, is there an issue with Shapeways repair/optimization process? Or there an issue with how the model is designed?
Can the model be hollowed out?

  • SDF2 - Body B dimensions X 81.69 Y 180.33 Z 79.53

Model Volume: 385.11 cm3
Machine Space: 526.79 cm3
Support Structure: 236.71 cm3
Parts Bounds Volume: 1171.47 cm3
Part Count: 1

Any advice you can provide is greatly appreciated.

SDF2 - Body B dimensions X81.69 Y180.33 Z79.53 are “mm”

Sorry to hear shapeways is wanting such ridiculous prices! That is pretty crazy. Did you try other material options? The model can be hollowed out, which would reduce the price. I'm wondering if shapeways could do that, or if there's a software for that.

Is it possible to offer the model with hollowed out parts?

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Yes. I'll try to hollow the parts out, and if it works, I'll message you. Is the model you're interested in printing, the SDF-2 Megalord (TV version)?

Hello. Yes, the SDF-2 Megalord (TV Version) https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/art/sdf-2-megalord-tv-version-1-4000-scale

And the SDF-1 Alien pre-crash version

If possible to hollow out the bulk sections of the models it would be appreciated. If need, I can pay you for your work?

Thank you for your time.

Unfortunately I haven't had much luck getting my models hollow, but I will keep trying. I do have an alternative suggestion to shapeways: https://fiverr.com

I've heard a lot of good experiences from this service. You basically order a 3D print from someone. In going to assume that it'll be far cheaper than Shapeways. I'd recommend printing the models in PLA using an FDM printer.

I absolutely LOVE your SDF-2 Megaroad, and as soon as I can get my printer fixed I'll start printing it. Thank you so much for making this!
And... I realize that it's poor form to ask for something more after getting something for free, but if you possibly make the cruiser form of Battle 7 (from Macross 7 of course) I would appreciate that more than you could imagine. I's appreciate it so much, I'd pay for it. Hopefully you'll consider it.
Thank you very much.

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Thank you! Battle 7 is actually something that I've been interested in building. Maybe some day!

are your models compatable with games like secondlife?

Hello, im looking for the megaroad model, is there any way i can download the model? by any chance, are you planning on making a model for the SDF-1?

Hi! The files are back online. As for the SDF-1, that's a tough question. There's a very nice model of the TV version on thingiverse. The movie version though? I'm not sure. My next release is the SDF-2 before it became the Megaroad-1. It's very similar to the TV version of the SDF-1. After that, I plan on building the Supervision Army version of the SDF-1.

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Yesterday I saved a link to the Megaroad print, but when I went to download it today, the page was gone. Is there somewhere I can still download the Megaroad print? Please you're the only person in the world that has had such a good quality design!

Hi! Thanks for the compliments. The files are back up.

Thanks, I see it! Great work!

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Your models are incredible! I particularly like the specially designed 1/285 versions for minis, and the highly detailed Megaroad, which was a huge surprise as it's a design I've always liked, but didn't think someone would make a good 3D model for. I hope you might make some of the different kinds of 'Islands' seen in Macross Frontier eventually too. Thanks very much again for sharing your models!

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Thank you very much, that is a big compliment!! I am trying to work on many of the Macross II mecha, but I am not as good as you. I hope you will be able to do them all. Macross II is my favorite of all the Macross series.

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Thank you so much, the VF-2JA and the Metal Siren are two of my favorite mecha ever. I was going to try and use your airplane models to build the battroid but I don't think I will have the skill to pull it off, which is why I wanted to ask.

You're welcome! I looked at the gerwalk mode for the 2JA, and it's so unique, that I'm really looking forward to building it now. BTW, your models are absolutely fantastic! I can't wait to print a small army of tiny destroids!! 😁