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Hi I purchased your rubber band gun do you have instructions on how to put it together?

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I'm making a tutorial video, thank you for download, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

I had to make a shim for our 19.3mm diameter faucet. Others may need such a feature. I think a shim would be better than different designs for different faucet diameters.

I love this!

Sorry, model is "Faucet Shelf Kitchen Utensils Sink Storage Rack" I assumed Cults3D would connect the comment to the model.

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I will update it for you. Thank you!

I updated it, download it now. thank you!

Hi - I just purchased Faucet Shelf Kitchen Utensils Sink Storage Rack . Looks great, but it would be nice to have some dimensions as I couldn't tell if it would print on my printer. Turns out it's too big.

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I print file 1, 2 on ender 3 s1 pro size 220x220x270. thank you!

Hello I was wondering what the print settings were that you used on the Tardis Dice Tower as I noticed the internal slopes require supports unless printed upside-down.

print without support, thank you!

Thank you!

Hello! how much infill do u recommend on your phone holder for the car? the one on the instrumental board behind the steering wheel

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it supports 2cm, if you need larger, message me, thank you!

Hey there, is the holder supposed to crack on the "hinges"?

please send me the link, thank you!

Félicitations. Belle technique.

In the Tardis files, there is v1 variation of the files but no instructions. What is the difference Tardis A V1 to Tardis A?

I couldn't find a difference when I looked at it in chitubox, but there may still be one. do you know what I should use to secure the pieces together?

I used 2 - m3 5mm on the smallest piece of the swinging structure W and the rest of the screws are m3 8mm. I was able to purchase a couple of packs at my big chain hardware store.

Hey do you have a patreon account? I would like to know how to go about working with you to be able to sell items. Thanks in advance, hope to hear back from you. If email is needed hardrocker126@gmail.com

hello friend. I am interested in your product. if i buy can i use it for sales?

is the air cooling noise reduced?
Have you mesured the difference?
Any advice for the 4020 blower to reduce the noise?

Hello, what is the offsets for the BL touch mount? Thank you

L’impression ne tient pas 2 eme essais

Hello, what is the desk size of the desk mounted trash bin? I have a 80mm lip on the side of my desk, does the opening go that wide?

Hey mate! Could you please upload a guide how to assembly/print this model? https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/home/wall-mounted-trash-can-for-kitchen
I have smaller bed, so i can't fit 180mm trash in my slicer. I scaled it to 95.2% and did the same to other parts, but they do not fit. Any clue how to fix the issue? Also there are multiple versions of print files and it's hard to figure out which combination is correct while printing.

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Hello,could you make "Ender 3 S1 pro fan duct 4020 Blower Print NO SUPPORT" version with 5015 blowers?

OK. I will Update

Hello! Just wondering if the MacBook Crystal dock can be scaled up? Since I’m scared that my Mac may fall out 😅

MacBook size?

16 inches, looking at the sample photos I’m afraid it may topple over

16 in late 2022 is 20mm

Hi, why does the pointy ends of all the crystals have been cut off?

Hello, After buying your digital designs can I sell 3d printed versions ?

Thank you!

J'ai essayé d'imprimer la V3 et même la V2, les engrenages sont collés à la fin et impossible de faire fonctionner l'ensemble. Pourriez-vous m'aider svp ?

Bien à vous

Bonjour ! Gardez à l'esprit que vous devez calibrer correctement les étapes de l'extrudeuse. La version 3 est très facile à imprimer. Ce que vous pouvez essayer, c'est d'utiliser l'option d'expansion horizontale à -0,05 ou -0,1 si vous avez besoin qu'elle soit plus lâche. (google translate)

Suggestion for you: nozz 0.4mm layer 0.2mm. Thank you!

I have printed version 3 and it came out perfect. The only thing is that for my car I need the clip to be 19mm shorter, otherwise it is too long for the ventilation flap.
A recommendation would be to make the lower part a little thicker, at least 1mm more.
Thanks for the version for the Galazy Z fold 4, it works perfect.
(sorry for my English)

I see what happens, the clip for the Z fold version is much longer than the original. They would be 19mm shorter for this version, or rather the blades of my ventilation are 16mm deep

Thank for download , I will update it for you!

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Hi! any new update?

the hands is breaking easyly and cant release them without breaking please fix also great model man thank you for your work

I HAVE UPDATED V3. thank you!

No funcionan los engranajes y se rompió una parte

He actualizado a v3. boquilla 0,4 mm, capa 0,2 thank you!

Ok le aviso cuando lo pruebe

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