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Gerade das update gesehen, vielen Dank Job

Hallo, vielen dank für Ihre schnelle Antwort. Es geht um die bird cathedral. Ich bin echt sehr begeistert von den Bauwerk und kaufte mir sie am Montag. Ich finde die im Plan blau markierte connector am Dach (4 mal große Dreiecke) nicht in den Daten. Die connector sind an der spitze des Daches über den Skeleton. Sie haben großartige Arbeit geleistet und vielen Dank. Lg Robert

Hallo Robert. Ich habe "Connector.stl" neu hochgeladen. Ich hoffe, Sie können es jetzt auf cults3D herunterladen. Wenn das nicht funktioniert, lass es mich wissen. Dann schicke ich die Datei per E-Mail. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Job

Hallo ich finde leider im Downloadordner die Datei connector 4x laut plan (Dachgiebel blau) nicht. Hab schon über 1h gesucht. könnten Sie mir behilflich sein bitte.

ja in der tat hast du recht. Ich habe gerade nachgesehen, ob das Teil fehlt. Entschuldigen Sie. Ich lade den fehlenden Teil so bald wie möglich hoch. Bin jetzt auf dem Weg zur Arbeit und übermorgen wieder zu Hause. Dann werde ich die Datei anhängen und Ihnen eine Nachricht senden. Mit freundlichen Grüßen job

Hello. I can see you have been using PLA for your great Bird Cathedral.. How long has it been sitting outside? how is the temperatures at your place? and how is it holding? I am going to use PETG anyway, but it would bee nice to hear how the PLA handles the temperatures etc.

Hi thanks for buying the bird cathedral model. The pla works fine but i do not keep it in direct sunlight. If you do, it is ok up to 20 degrees celsius. So in the Netherlands you will get away without deforming of the pla. But in Spane temperature can get to 40 degrees celsius and than everyting made of pla in derect sunlight wil deform out of shape... conclusion: doe not put in in direct sunlight when the temp get higher than 20 to 25 degrees.

With kind regards, Job

Hey Job. Thank you for the reply!

I live in Denmark, so i think we have the same ''climate''.. But it will be made for a friend on work who has requested it and i was like.. why not... But he will put it outside in direct sunlight.. so it will be made of PETG... i have a Prusa MK3... so it will be downscaled to 93% instead of 100%... how big is the size of it assembled? :)

Yes your climate is close to the Netherlands indeed. The size at 100% is 381,5 x 381,5mm and 544,29 mm high.

Success with printing and of course have a super nice day!

Hello, We are a company that produces filaments for 3D printers. I wanted to ask for a permission: we love your project and would like to 3D print it using our filament and publish the photo after printing on our website.

Hi thanks for your interest. I am wondering...which model are you talking about? Also which website are you going to post the photo of the printed model? What is your company name?

Kind regards,


Hi! For example Bird Temple :) Here is our website! https://sklep.spectrumfilaments.com/ We would post it on instagram and website :)

I have gave it some thought, but you may NOT use it for that purpose.
With kind regards,
Job Smolders


Great model and instructions for phone head, I am about to try and print it but what % of infill do you recommend? And why do you use PETG for the body components, can pla be used instead with high infill or petg is what is actually needed?

Many thanks


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Hi Steve :-) thanks for you interest :-). Infill doesn't matter that much for strength, because the parts are not very big. 20 % should be ok. More Wall Layers (and more Top / Bottom Layers) do more fore strength. Pla will work ok also. I jused the Petg because I had it at the time. Hope this helps you a bit. With kind regards Job

Hello, Im very interested in this model,
but excuse, i found no informations or read anything about the real dimension of the parts and
the printed out whole model,
so is it possible to print the parts in the field of 200x200mm or do i need a bigger printer,

or do I have to scale down or cut the parts with a program?
How dimensions are the gothic windows,
so this Item is for shure difficult to be cutted!?

Thank you for answer
Charlotte from Germany

Hi Charlotte, which model are you referring to?

what's software did you use in to make 3d files?
i know Fusion-360, and OpenSCAD, i want to try Blender
but i don't know why it's look complicated and also i don't have strong GPU
just Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000

Hi Toos,

I had communication with Pierre from Cults3d and came to understand the question is about the Bird Temple. Sorry for the dis-communication :-)

I just used simple “All purpose glue” of the brand “cre-ation” bought at a “Cheap Chinese Store” :-) (in European country's you can go to the “Action”).
On one of the pictures on the model page you can see it standing in the right top corner.

But you can use any kind of glue that glues plastic.

The reason I used this glue in this case is really because it gives me time. It hardens very slow so If something is wrong I can take it apart again. After 24 hours or so... the glued parts stay together, but then still can be taken apart without damaging the printed parts. Handy for debugging glued models :-)

I hope this answers your question, otherwise feel free to ask :-)

Hi, nice bird house. I wonder with what glue you were gluing all parts together?