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Hi. Was wondering if you can please help me with a part I need. It's for my car window wipes.
Koleos renault window wiper gear. I've been looking everywhere and no luck.

Hello. Can you send me pictures with dimensions from the original one althought it's broken? Please contact me by email and/or whatsapp/telegram

What's your email?

Hello Blade28, I don't know, it was for a customer some years ago.

Hi, I'm Batuhan. I bought the XSi inscription that you produced for Peugeot 106. Thank you for transferring this article to a computer environment for 3d printing. I also need Peugeot and 106 inscriptions, which are produced for XSi. I've been browsing your page but I couldn't see it. I wonder if you will have a chance to produce ?

Hello, thanks for purchasing the XSI bagde.
For the Peugeot and 106 logos, please, send to my email a picture of them and the desired size.

I sent it to the email address on your website.

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Hola, me gustaría saber cuánto cuesta la pieza eku para el Rail de una puerta corredera para autocaravana

Hola. Ponte en contacto por medio de nuestro correo electrónico, por favor.

Hola podrías hacer el diseño de la tapa del depósito de gasolina del Renault super5 la que está afuera en la carrocería

Hola, sí se podría pero necesitaría los planos o la pieza original.

Hola. No, esa parte no la tengo, lo siento.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I did not think to ms 3d builder, and probably i could do the job. But i see you updated 3mf file that become printable with my cura, and also you made the stl version. That,s nice.I am pretty more fine with STL, but i know i have to look at 3MF format as well.
Thanks a lot for all.

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I prefer 3mf files because of lower size files and you can have all the parts separated in the same file and choose which ones you want to print.

i just got the design "Torche a manivelle de rechange DYNAMO300". It is 3mf format, but i did not succeed to open it or use it with cura, nor fusion 360.
Is it possible to get any STL format instead? Please let me know. Best regards.

Of course, but it will be in 5 hours, at least.
While, you could try to open it with 3D builder from Microsoft and save it as stl.

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Does is feat to Citroen C2?

Hello. I'm sorry, but I don't know. I woud check the part number.

Merci pour le suivi

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Hellow Tim. I've answered you via email.