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hi there, wonder if there is a way to find your armor knight - cant seem to follow the link now!

I'm trying to print and build your Kroomander tank but it looks like the top part of the turret is not among the uploaded files? I've looked and looked and can't locate it.

I know this is all out of the goodness of you heart, but could you please upload it so I can get printing?


I updated the files to include it now.

Do you have a design for a full caestus assault ram? I see you sell landing gear but I want the whole ship

o/ any chance you know where i could find the model to go with this file? "scuff-less-hover-buffer-dust-cloud-base".


Looking for the INTERSTELLAR JANITOR'S ROCKIN' AND ROLLIN' DUAL HOOVERING FLYING FLOOR VAC complete model, only see the attachment. Message me at Clarion12350@gmail.com or here and we can figure it out.

I love the assault RAM model, shame it appears to have been scrubbed from the website

asking for a friend but do you still have the Inferior Armaments for Flying Floor Vac?

This model is missing the door, wall, floor and control panel

Your Models look great! It's nice to see some love for the Aux units of the Greater Good.

J'adore les modèles mono-roue. Je planifiait faire une armée Genestealer cult et cest parfait et gratuis, excellent travail. Je suis curieux de savoir si tu avais les modeles sans pilote. Le modele sans pilote a un 'trepied' (cest pas trop grave de faire la modification) Mais pout le ''QUAD'' celuis a 2 roues. Unpeu plus complex mais cest pas la fin du monde, Jattend une piece pour mon imprimante 3d et je me commence sur cest modeles. Probablement 1 Alphus, 8 jackals et 2 quad :)

I was looking for your wind-up automated mausoleum for oversized jarheads file and noticed it was no longer available. Would you be able to send me the files directly? I am assuming it was forced down but just wanted to check. Thanks!

Hi, i don't have any backup or trace of your daycare brat van's weapons (i have the nursing one but not the "real" one). Is there a way to get them anywhere ? Have a great day

You made these FALLOUT BOARD GAME ENEMY BASE sorta thing. That looks really neat.

You design things right? Just a thought. Could you create something like that for warhammer.... but like banner bearers. Two starters a a servo skull and tau drone that has a banner thing you can just hang tokens on by magnets. Just an idea. Ohh and a squig that would be chewing on the token thong for orks. I don't know the space knife eats would have.

Someone recommended you for quiet sisters models and maybe some custard boys too, do you happen to still have those files?

hope you well i m sorry ask do you still have model Interstellar Soldier's Flying Two Finger Death Punch ? if you have can you share its pls

Interstellar Soldier's Flying Two Finger Death Punch STL ?

I've just found your DUST CLOUD BASE FOR INTERSTELLAR ROMAN JANITORS' POD RACIN' WAGON model and the green marine on the left of the 2nd photo looks amazing. Is this your own creation? Looks like a Sigmarine kitbash :-)

Loving the Ugly Mother Flockers heads for Cannibal Chickens! Any chance we could get a few more variants with full helmets ("B" style)?

Hi Felix, could you point me in the right direction for a file which would help me redeem myself, in a big way? Its dreadful, but I've found nought. Thanks!

Is the Railgun file for the cannibal chicken looted hammerhead still available? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

I think your kroot gsc models are amazing. I have a GCS army myself, I chose bladed cog as my arm's scheme I was wondering if you could make Bladed cog specific models to use in my army. Something that visualizes the cults blend of admech and GSC's most horible features. I can't 3d model myself so I can't myself. If you do do it, I think you could nail it from the bled of the gsc units with admech and the word ensleved population as the guard. A whole lot of cool stuff.

Hope you're doing well! Do you still per chance have those awesome Redemptor Dreadnought models?

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