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In regard to your Zelda sword.... its seems that I can't open file in my " ultimaker cura "
What's the best solution to open this file so I can print / make this Link Sword for my 7year old?

someone has stolen your file and is selling it on etsy

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It appears to me you know how to design things that work. I wanted to know if you could modify this Jukebox, https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5573347 to house a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ or 4 and a 7 inch touchscreen. The top circle could hold a small speaker and the touchscreen could go below it. I asked the designer about it but he does not have the file to edit it. I was able to import it into Fusion 360 but I am way to old and impatient to learn to even attempt something like that. Thanks

The Halo Sword, how did you get it to light up like that? I was looking for the recommended printer settings too.

Is the iPhone 14 pro case unsupported or untested with PLA?

Please help I downloaded the Halloween bowl thru Cults and downloaded into Creality and the main file will not open.

can you please send me a link to a raspberry that would fit into the pipboy?

Thank you.

hello, do you guys have a 2 part model? if yes pls send it :)

hi. thanks for designing
I wonder is it compatible with 13 pro max?

hola, me encanta tu trabajo, tienes otros canales para seguirte

Hello, follow my profile and make some desings

Hi. Love the iPad pro bumper case. Do you have a file for 12.9 ipad pro? Appreciated