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Hi, I bought your Voltron model (https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/voltron-legendary-defender) yesterday and I am struggling a little bit with the print preparation. Not so much technical wise, but I want to print the parts in different colors. Do you have any list what parts best should be printed in the lion colors, and which in silver / black ... or even other? ... That would help a lot. Thanks :)


just a question. i downloadet your paw patrol badges and i really loved them.
do you creat the new badges for the cat pack?

greetings from Germany

hi there i was wondering if you could show how you added the strap to the back? i just made this and have no idea how the strap can be attached, thank you

Ante todo darle las gracias por tu gran aportación ha esta pagina, he comprado la figura de Mazinger Z pero me encuentro que lo que son las bolas que hacen de rotula una puestas en su alojamiento quedan algo pequeñas y la figura no tiene mucha estabilidad, hay algún consejo para evitar ese juego.
Gracias por anticipado
Un cordial saludo

Bought the Voltron file and am confused on where the arm stl files are?

On the black lion

Hey, is it possible that the death stranding rifle is missing a piece of the Barrel Cover? I can't find the last piece where the visor goes on.

Can anyone help me?

Hey there, how many STL. do you have in the "Rifle" folder? There should be 57 total.

Hey, I got 56 STL

Got it, it happened to me more than once that not all files have made it into the folders here on Cults. Let me reupload the files.

That would be really nice, i am excited to make this rifle

Thank you, i got the missing piece. ^-^

Hi there! I'm assambling the Havoc and there seems to be a problem with the lower part of the upper rail (1). there's no hole on the bottom of the piece so it can fit on the knob. picture here: https://i.imgur.com/jR4Mj1R.png


Hi, I was wondering if your mini megatron and mini optimus prime files make a 4 inch action master style in size figure?

Is is possible to use a resin printer for this model? I saw recommended using FDM. Just checking before purchasing! Thank You!

I would LOVE to look at and possibly purchase your voltron STl....BUT i can not see anything...all i see is the website logo. Any idea how to resolve that?

Iam actually printing the Bladerunner Gun. Do u have a STL file for the Hand Grip with Texture?

Hi, I was just wounder what dimensions all the prices for your g7 scout model are, as in what size print bed would I need in order to print it

What is the best way to size the Cayde 6 helmet to make sure it fits?

Hi there. In what quality did you print the model in the photo?

hello, i just bought and downloaded your voltron file. I unziped it and there are no slts in any of the files. I'm not sure if i did something or what. Thank you.

Hello I recently bought the the titanfall flatline2 and it seems to be missing parts

Hi Juri,

Printing your the Havoc rifle model right now. Upper Rail (1) does not have a hole on the underside for it to attach to the stud on the receiver. This is step 36 in the instructions. It shouldn't be too difficult for me to add one onto the model, but I figured I'd let you know.


Hello Juri,

Thanks for the models you do !

I see you are making a full model for the Riprat Attack Pack, but I am asking at any case, do you sell the model only for the hook ? I already own the toy but wanted to print out the hook only.

Thanks for your answer !


I don't think I got an answer from you, sorry if you did. But can you sell the hook model so ?
Thanks !

Hey there! I really like the Wraith Kunai model you have, if I could make one suggestion? I think there's a typo on the handle. It says "OUITEO" but it should say "QUIETO". I wish I could link the source image, but I would love to see if you'd consider an edit of the model, because yours is so well done and detailed. Thanks!

Hey Juri,

I'm a huge Blade Runner 2049 fan and I recently saw your "K Blaster" print on an Uncle Jesse video. I'm looking to purchase it, however, I don't know whether to buy it here or on your Patreon (if that's an option, I'm new to Patreon and how it works). If you could tell me the best way to access this print and some of your others id greatly appreciate it. Keep up the great work

Hey Justin, thank you for reaching out! what you get here ist the file for K's Blaster.
On Patreon you get all my models for a monthly membership of 5$ or 50$ (annual).
I'd say that Patreon is the better deal since you get around 50 models.

Whats the best way to print the wraith kunai knife?

j'avais prévu d'acheter a nouveau un plan car je trouvais les prix raisonnables mais la vous avez tout doublés dommage pour vous..

Hi , can you please separate the blade? I want to make it composite, and cast a blade from jewelry resin

Good Evening I was wondering if you can explain something to me, i am interested in opening up an etsy shop or just a 3d printing shop in general and i was wondering how can i go about printing them and selling them if i didn't make the model, i wanted to ask before i start printing because i dont wanna get a copyright claim and my future business shuts down.