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73 комментария

thank you for this information.
contact cult to find out why you have this problem

hi i try to do payment for stl fil but can do answer to me error

I understand thank you

ok we give up, i have too many requests at the moment anyway.
have a good day.

Perfect i will buy all with centaur. Is there private way to contact you?

Well if you will make them in future just text me and we can sort it out :)

Oh i see do you have other place for it?

as soon as I can but not for two weeks

and when will you be able to do it thanks

yes i can

you can do it

good evening
I could modify two files of yours

I would like him to do show-me2 but with the GRANNY GOODNESS body

then a kneeling man making her a pussy food

good evening
I could modify two files of yours

I would like him to do show-me2 but with the GRANNY GOODNESS body

then a kneeling man making her a pussy food

gracias por sus maravillosas creaciones le he conprado casi todas estaria interesado en que me hicies dos

what to say?? change printer or take lessons?

wow thats cheap... have you even try to print this? I have try 3 times the wings all ways fall.. to say i need lessons or a better printer is cheap when i have printed way better shit,

they seem nice untel you print them. so no file to make arms, wings in the back? how do you print this out and not look like crap?

Hi. I got you BDSM bra skull and have tried to print them a few times. I have a shark Sc10. I have tried different filament and different speeds but the thin part that works it way up doesn't print its just strings. The other side prints fine. This is the part on the left side that seems to support the cheek. that really thin part thats away from the main body. Is there any suggestions on how to fix that? Thank you.

decirle que esto el lo que buscaba es una maravilla de archivo espero que haga usted mas del mismo estilo

muchas gracias y felices fiestas

Hello, i like your naughty models.

Where do you design them with ?

Can you make a Model tied on a chair with veet on the front legs end hands tied behind the chair?

I have a painiting like this but cant model 3D human like figures (yet)

Would you care to make this for your archive ?

regards richard

how can I speak with you directly? I have a few questions. here's my email, brittanymparisi@gmail.com .. I just don't want all my info on here. I'm really interested in using some of your designs, and might wanna see if you could make more. thank you!

Please contact Cults because the files are there.


Hi I just bought the file and the zip wont open. It's empty.

buenos dias algun diseñador podria diseñar una mujer gorda con todos sus atributos para inprimir no he visto ninguna gracias