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🤼 I am creating 3D Printable Miniatures (figures) 🤼 🤾‍♂️ ⛹️‍♂️ 🏌️‍♂️ 🤺
🔥 I invite you to see my work, you can also order designs 🔥
💰 Please check my profile : ➡️ https://cults3d.com/en/users/3DGeshaft ⬅️
🙏 Thank you for your support

Hello, I bought and downloaded your female chess set and I was wondering if you would consider making a version where the king was holding a sword?


Thanks for the response. Is it possible to get something like this for the female king from your female chess set?

Thanks again! Love your work.

Hello, this file has been sold several times and you are the first to make this comment to me.
I advise you to check your print settings.

I would like to commission you on about four.

and what exactly?

How would I go about buying the files for the ones you can't sell on this website?

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Can you do more with horses and dogs? It seems there are no sex poses with them which is sad.

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Do you allow selling 3d printed figurines of your work?
Can we discuss how we can cooperate?

Thank You!


Hi 10% from my sales that is my agreement here with most of the designers? But please lets discuss it in email. Thanks Annamaria threedtreasury@gmail.com

I was thinking about a % after my sales.

explain to me how you see the thing.


can you give me your etsy link so i can see
thank you

I like to sell on etsy you can see my sales im thinking to pay you a fixed amount after each sales. Just an idea.


tell me what you offer me.


Could you publish your dogs as separate files so they can be displayed with other figures? Also, maybe a dog in a mounted pose on it's own - that way it won't get removed!

Hello, I need to have some models in a mold shape, could you please help?

How can I contact you to send you the models?


did some of your models get deleted?


Do Hayley Atwell / Peggy Carter as one of your little maquette sculptures?


Is it possible to get this so I can print the figures and the Jeep separately?

Do you plan to release more models with dogs in the near future? Your characters are really great.

Hello! Could you do a version of “on the face” with two women? Thank you.

Ok thank you for letting us know!

sorry I don't make to order anymore

MM Icecream?

MMM wäre toll

Is there a way to speak to you privately through email would like to make you an offer for multiples models ?

sorry no

Hi. btw. THANK for the amazing good work you do for us here.
Wanted to ask if it´s possible to make a man on chains instead of the women in the Models "Prisoner Bookend" or "Prisoner 1 and 2" I would like to add a few men on chains in one diorama, a Mistress or two would fit nicely, the women you made are just fantastic. Only asking if you have spare time of course, THANKS in advance

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Awesome, looking forward to it Thank You and have wonderfull Christmas Holidays

hello and thank you for your comments on my creations.
for your request, I will see if I have time, but it is not won for the moment.

Hello! Love your stuff!
Would it be possible to do a version of "THE DOG WAS HIS MASTER" with a standing female rather than a standing male?

Thank you!


hi, I have buy the pinball2.stl file. I try to print, but there is a high layer flat that cover the pinball playfield (bumper, ecc ecc). it's an error? ty

the file is exactly as in the visuals.

have a good day.

Hello. Can you change the model slightly for me. Of course it is paid)) Can you write your mail for communication?

I bought it, thank you so much. Gorgeous model!

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Ok, I'll wait impatiently!)) Please let me know how it will be ready))

it will be at the same price as the other and you will just have to wait until I do it.

how much is it? and how can I then buy it from you?


Strange, but for some reason now I cannot see these models of yours, only if you enter a direct link to the model, then it opens

Now I understand. I'm talking about a model where a girl holds a man. And the man has a bag on his head. Could you make it so that she does not hold, but extinguishes a cigarette about man *dignity *?

moreover, which model are you talking about ??

except that a priori we cannot communicate in private

It's just that there are public messages here, and I want to ask you to change the erotic model. I don’t know if it is possible to write such details in public messages.

hello what do you want exactly?

Bonjour, comment puis-je imprimer le fichier que je viens de vous acheter car il est en format STI. Cordialement

look on google or youtube, you will find all the explanations to your questions.

I’m a big fan. You’ve really got many girls down perfect. This is why you need to redo Miley’s head and face, please. While Adriana and Scarlet are perfection Miley needs some attention.

Please do Miley Cyrus to go with Ariana. Great stuff everything prints lovely. Thanks