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The contest is now over, thanks for your participation!

The contest is now closed. You can see here the 3 winners of the contest and see the other entries here.

Design contest in partnership with Dagoma

Notice to the Designers! Are you convinced that 3D printing will revolutionize our everyday lives? Prove it by modeling a furniture perfectly 3D printable, you may win a Dagoma NEVA 3D printer, a Dagoma DiscoEasy200 or a Cults Gift Card.

The contest runs from August 15th, 2017 to September 30th, 2017.


3D design and 3D printing contest Cults Dagoma

How can you participate?

Publish one or more 3D models of a perfectly 3D printable furniture. It can be a 100% 3D printed furniture, or it can be pieces that let create a furniture by adding, for example, boards or screws.

Mention in the description of your design the hashtag: #DAGOCULTS

Share your creation to your entourage to get the most "I like" possible on Cults.


3D printing Contest Cults BCN3D 3D printer STL file

What are the prizes?

• 1ST PRIZE: a Dagoma NEVA 3D printer, value of 499€ (read more).


3D printing Contest Cults Dagoma 3D printer STL file

• 2ND PRIZE: a Dagoma DiscoEasy200 3D printer in kit, value of 299€ (read more).


3D printing Contest Cults Dagoma 3D printer STL file

• 3RD PRIZE: a gift card of 50€ to download 3D files on Cults (that's cool too!)


3D printing Contest Cults dagoma 3D printer STL file

How will we select the winners?

Participants will be graded on the creativity of their 3D design, on the usefulness of the furniture, on the originality of their photographic staging and on the number of "I like" that their creation will get on Cults.

• 3D model creativity 10 points
• Usefulness of creation 10 points
• Originality of the staging 5 points
• Number of Likes 5 points

It is a jury that will designate the 3 winners. The jury will be composed of Alexandre Martel, editor of 3Dnatives magazine, Gauthier Vignon Innovation Leader of Dagoma and UAU project, brilliant designers from the Cults community. For more information, see Contest Rules.


3D printing Contest Cults dagoma 3D printer STL file

We will communicate frequently on our social media throughout the challenge to announce the highlights and the ranking, feel free to join us on Facebook and Twitter to follow this topic.

Here we go! Say no more, I'm convinced!

Enter the contest by uploading a 3D printable furniture and don't forget the #DAGOCULTS:

I enter the contest!

To see all the creations that already participate in the contest and compare to others, click on the button below:

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