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10.06.23. Results Announcement of the design and 3D printing contest related to video games and consoles accessories.

Drum roll please... It's time to announce the winners of the #GAMINGXCULTS contest! We received a huge amount of entries and all the participants excelled, which made it very difficult to choose the winners. A big thank you to all of you for your creativity and commitment!

Here are the big winners!

We would also like to mention the entries that we liked very much and that were very popular with the community. Unfortunately we had to make a choice... These designs are not on the podium but still get the Contest Winner badge on their profile as an honorable mention and encouragement. Here is the list (it is not a ranking):

We organize contests very frequently, to stay informed about new topics just take a look at our dedicated page!

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01.05.23. The contest is now closed!

Thank you for your entries, they are great! The jury will deliberate quickly (it will be hard to decide ;)) and you will be informed very soon of the results on our website and via our social networks. Stay tuned!

Participate in the gaming design and 3D printing contest organized by Cults!

Create a 3D printable model of video games and consoles accessories.

What is the brief?

The brief is simple as it is to create a 3D printable model to enhance your experience as a gamer.
3D printing combined with a little imagination and ingenuity can be an excellent technology to create your own accessories related to your video games and consoles.

So here is a non-exhaustive list of ideas for objects to model and 3D print to enter the contest:

  • Game controller holder: print a holder for your favorite game controller to hold it in place during gaming sessions.
  • Game Organizer: Create an organizer to store and organize your video games, controllers and accessories.
  • Joystick protector - protect your game controller joysticks by printing protectors that will prevent premature wear and tear.
  • Phone holder: If you use your phone to play mobile games, print a holder to keep it in place while you play.
  • Game console case: print a case for your game console to protect it from scratches and damage.
  • Game Cartridge Storage - create a storage unit to store and organize your game cartridges.
  • Headphone Adapter: If you use headphones for gaming, print an adapter that allows you to easily connect them to your console.
  • Racing Wheel Holder: if you have a racing wheel, print a holder to hold it in place while you play.
  • Oculus Rift Bracket: If you use an Oculus Rift for virtual reality, print a bracket to hold it in place when you're not using it.
  • Replacement Buttons: If the buttons on your gamepad start to wear out, print replacement buttons to replace them.
  • Etc.

If you're looking for inspiration you can definitely refer to the Cults special gaming accessories collection.

How long does the contest run?

The contest will run from March 1, 2023 to May 1, 2023.

What are the prizes?

In order to reward the best achievements, Cults offers you 1500 USD to spend as you wish, enough to cover some of your needs in 3D printing material for example :) See the payment terms by bank transfer in the rules.

  • 1st prize : 750 USD
  • 2nd prize: 500 USD
  • 3rd prize: 250 USD

How to enter the contest?

  • Publish one or more new (never published on Cults before) and original 3D printable models (designs of your own making) related to the contest theme.
  • Mention in the description of your design the hashtag #GAMINGXCULTS
  • Submit your free 3D model on Cults.
  • Share your design with others to get the most visibility and increase your chances of winning.

How will the winners be selected?

Participants will be judged by the Cults team according to the following criteria:

  • Originality of the 3D model: 10 points
  • Usefulness and ingenuity of the creation: 10 points
  • Quality and photographic staging: 5 points
  • Popularity of the model (number of likes, downloads, views, etc.): 5 points

For more information, see contest rules.

How to enter the contest?

Participate by uploading a gaming-related 3D model to Cults and don't forget to add the contest hashtag #GAMINGXCULTS in the 3D file description.

I participate to the contest!

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