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The contest is now over, thanks for your participation!

The contest is now closed. You can see here the 3 winners of the contest.

from 2d to 3d.

With hp, participate in the design and 3d printing challenge about photos and cameras.

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

The brief is simple: create a 3D printable 3D model that is useful for 2D photos. Improve your photos exposure or your camera experience with 3D printing. A great contest in partnership with HP 3D printing.

It could be for example, parts or replica of cameras, accessories for photographers or just frames, supports, clips, decos for photos, etc. The design can be as elaborated as you want, you can elaborate mechanical properties or make an assembly with other non-printable parts.

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

To reward the best 3 creations, our partner HP 3D printing proposes you to win 3 Sprockets, the 3D printing of the winners 3D models with the new HP Jet Fusion. HP will 3D print the designs of the winners in black PA12 (nylon12) material, for a **maximum size of 190 x 254 x 248 mm. Make sure your design fits this size.

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

the competition runs from may 8, 2018 to june 17, 2018.

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

how to participate?

  • Publish one or more 3D models that are related to the contest theme “from 2D to 3D”. The model can be divided into several parts (but not too much, so that it can still be easily 3D printed). the object must be useful and ingenious.

  • Mention in your design description the hashtag:#HP3D

  • Submit your 3D model for free with the cc-by Creative Common Licence.

  • Share your creation with anyone you want to get likes as much as possible on Cults (only real likes will be counted).

what about the prizes?

To reward the best entries, the following prizes will be offered:

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

how the winners will be selected?

The participants will be judge on the creativity of their 3D design, on the originality of their photographic staging and on the number of likes they will receive from their creation on Cults.

  • 3D model originality: 10 points
  • Usefulness of creation: 10 points
  • Photographic staging: 5 points
  • Number of likes: 5 points

From 2D to 3D Contest - HP 3D Printing

A jury will select the 3 winners. The jury will be composed by Antoine Guyot, Business Development Representative from HP, Pierre-Victor Sabatier, Channel Manager from HP, by Ana and Dany from Atomicos Studio, remarkable designers of the Cults community and by Mélanie Renard, editor at 3DNatives, the 3D printing media.

For more information, see the contest rules.

come on, let's go! say no more, i'm ready!

Participate by uploading a 3D model linked to the universe of photographs and cameras, without forgetting to add #HP3D in the description of the 3D file.

I enter the contest!

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