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LUX lamp shade

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Описание Make

I printed this nice design with glow in the dark PLA filament with 3 perimeters with 0.2mm layers. Print time was 49h, that has been my longest print to date. It's a great model, love the design! I'm super happy how everything came out.

The only struggle was, when the printer came to the ring at the top because the overhangs started to warp upwards. I countered this by pushing the warped layers down with an exacto knife as soon as the printhead moved to the next pillar to make the surface flat, so the bridges wouldn't fail.

The pictures were taken right after the print to test it. I designed and printed a small adapter in TPU afterwards so the shade doesnt sit on the lamp, but on the socket instead to prevent deformation by the heat from the bulb.

Sliced with Prusa Slicer

  • Решение: 0,2 mm
  • Температура: 210 ℃
  • Заполнить: 0 %
  • Скорость: 64 mm/s
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