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Wicked Marvel Star-Lord Bust: Tested and ready for 3d printing

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3D Модель

Описание Make

Printed with the provided 50% Pre-Supported Chibubox settings.

Mostly went fine other than the Logo does not fit in properly and the back had to be filed down in order for it to slide in to place (forcing it caused a piece at the front to snap, so wasn't a case of it needing to click in). Also very difficult to remove supports for extra thin spike that comes out either side of the Logo (3rd down lines up with "STAR LORD") the supports there were a bit too thick so when I reprint I will reduce the size of those supports. Probably less of an issue if printing at 100% size.

2 coats of base automotive primer, 2 coats metallic silver spray paint, 2 coats clear gloss spray.

Highly detailed and looks fantastic! Look forward to giving to my cousin for his birthday :)

3D принтер

ELEGOO Saturn Pro 2
  • Raft: Да
  • Поддержать: Да
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