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Расхититель земли, паттерн Ахиллеса-Протея

Качество make: 5,0/5 (4 голоса)
Оценка участников по качеству 3D печати, материалу, постобработке, т.д.
3D Модель

Описание Make

It was supported and sliced in Lychee Slicer Pro with thin supports. This model was printed with the tracks hollowed out. Small holes were made on the inside of the tracks.

This tank is one of the biggest models my small printer was able to make. Each track part and the hull both filled the entire build plate. A fourth and final print delivered the sponsons and optional ram.

The sides and hull took around 13-15 hours to print and the sponsons less than 5 hours. Assembly was easy, with minimal sanding required. I have used Zap-A-Gap Medium CA+ to glue all parts together. The sponsons have been magnetised.

(For aesthetic purposes, the front ram was left off)

3D принтер

Anycubic Photon Mono


AnyCubic Grey Resin
  • Решение: 0,05 mm
  • Заполнить: 20 %
  • Скорость: 50 mm/s

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