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Demon of Decay

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3D Модель

Описание Make

Incredibly detailed model. And quite bulky. And that smile…!

I printed the armored and split version, but was not 100% satisfied with the way the model was split, so I removed quite a bit of internal volume (and since the model is so detailed and my computer quite old, that probably took as long as the printing itself 😅. The joining required putty to smooth things out and over, but in the end everything fitted quite nicely (thank god for CA glue accelerator!).

All in all an impressive model that I am very happy with. I am not yet done painting it, but it fits quite nicely with my other Great Unclean Ones.

3D принтер

Anycubic Photon Mono


Anycubic Basic Grey
  • Raft: Да
  • Решение: 0,05 mm
  • Поддержать: Да

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