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Polestar 2 center console accessories

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Описание 3D-модели

In many cars there is a small storage box (trash bin/ashtray) in the center console, but the Polestar 2 has no such thing, unfortunately. I missed that, so I started thinking about how to remedy the situation.

Below the screen in the center console of the Polestar 2 there is some space, where the left side is occupied by the wireless phone charger, but the right side has no specific purpose. This volume is enclosed by angles and curves, making it a challenge to model something to fit in there. The screen itself is also angled, and I wanted to have my design follow the screen face to make a better visual impression. And on top of that, on cars with the steering wheel on the right side, the screen is obviously angled the other way (always towards the driver), but the area/volume below is the same, so a design created for a LHD car can't simply be mirrored to fit a RHD car, it needs to be adapted. It took a lot of time to get all of this right, with countless prototypes printed.

I ended up with creating a modular system with the following components:

  • A storage/trash bin that fits on the right side
  • A shelf that fits on the left side
  • A shelf that fits on the right side

The left side shelf provides a storage area without sacrificing the wireless phone charger. The phone simply slides under the shelf and small items like keys/cards/tags/whatever can live on the shelf above.

The same is true for the right side shelf, it allows a phone (but it needs to be quite small/narrow) to slide under it, while the shelf can hold small items. Personally, I prefer the trash bin instead of that shelf, but by creating this as a modular system, you can choose what to print and use.

There are files available for both LHD cars and RHD cars, so make sure you print the ones that's appropriate for your car. Files with LHD in the file name are for cars with the steering wheel on the left side (most of the world), and files with RHD in the file name are for cars with the steering wheel on the right side (e.g. United Kingdom).

Настройки 3D-печати

Print at 0.2 or 0.3 mm layer height. No supports needed (or wanted) for any of the files if printed correctly. Files should import in the correct orientation in the slicer, but if not, here's the correct printing orientation:

  • The trash bin is printed standing on the back face
  • The front piece with lid is printed lying flat on the front face
  • Shelves are printed standing on the back face.

The thin parts of the shelves can easily lift a little from the bed if bed adhesion isn't optimal, but usually this doesn't cause any issues, and when mounted in the car, this slight warping isn't visible, since it will be at the rear wall in the center console. Adding mouse ears or printing with a brim will avoid warping, but prints will then require some cleanup.

The front piece has print-in-place hinges and the lid has small bumps along the sides that fits into recesses in the frame to act as a locking mechanism. After printing, carefully break free the lid, and wiggle it until it moves freely (or as freely as you prefer). The retaining bumps will probably feel a bit too tight (this is on purpose), but you can easily correct this by using some sandpaper (or even a nail file) to smooth and/or flatten the bumps a little.

The front piece is a snap fit to the bin, but the stiffness of the fit will be depending on the printer and the layer resolution. If you think it is too loose, just add some glue to the edge of the front piece before mounting it to the bin. Not having any glue can be an advantage when emptying, as just popping off the whole front piece will make it easier to get all out in one go. Note that it is also possible to skip the front piece altogether, and just use the bin as an open box instead. The front edges of the box will not line up with the screen face in that case, though (since it will be shallower without the front piece).

A tip for the shelves is to get hold of some self-adhesive felt, which makes it look more professional, and will also dampen rattling sounds from items you place on it. In the pictures and video, you can see that I have felt on mine.

Keep in mind that if you print in PLA, deformation is a possibility if left in the sun inside the car, as it can get really hot. A more temperature-resilient material is recommended.

Here's a video showing it all in action:


Note: If you purchase these files, you only have the right to make copies for personal use. You may not create copies for others.

Информация файла 3D-принтера

  • Формат 3D-дизайна: STL Детали папки Закрыть
    • ps2_left_shelf_lhd.stl
    • ps2_left_shelf_rhd.stl
    • ps2_right_shelf_lhd.stl
    • ps2_right_shelf_rhd.stl
    • ps2_trash_bin_front_lhd.stl
    • ps2_trash_bin_front_rhd.stl
    • ps2_trash_bin_lhd.stl
    • ps2_trash_bin_rhd.stl

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