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Cleat Pedals - Clip into Shimano Road Bike Pedals

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Описание 3D-модели

Cyclists all over the world use their choice of special pedals and mating cleats that are attached to their shoes because they provide better energy transfer. The cleats, attached to the bottom of their cycling shoes, lock into the special pedals. However, this means you really need to wear your cycling shoes with the cleats fitted whenever you ride your bike (You can still ride the bike without the shoes with cleats but the special pedal is very small, no comfortable and far from ideal for riding).

The 'Cleat Pedal' is designed to be used with Shimano pedals instead of having to wear cycling shoes fitted with Cleats to go for even a short ride. Shimano Cleats are a popular choice of cyclists all over the world. This set of simple clip-in pedals provides a simple solution for riders who want to use their special pedals with cleats for longer rides but also want the flexibility of being able to go for short casual / fun rides or while maintaining / testing their bike without having to put their cycling shoes with cleats on.

The Cleat Pedals are straight forward prints when the files are precisely sliced and printed on a well set up accurate machine. Because of the intended use additional shells and high infill are recommended for strength and durability.

Do not use any automated support. The required support has been designed in and should snap away relatively easily and cleanly if well printed (refer to images).

Once printed and the support removed your Cleat Pedals are ready to use... just clip them into your Shimano pedals as pedal 'flats' so you can ride away in whatever footwear you choose. They obviously won't provide the same energy transfer benefits of the pedals / cycling shoes with cleats locked together but as a simple 'regular pedal' alternative these 'Cleat Pedals' work well.

Please note that, if your foot comes off a pedal during use it will be inclined to swing backwards because their is more weight at the back of the Shimano pedal (but this does not affect their function / use... just something to be aware of).

The 'Cleat Pedal' surface has been designed to provide as much grip as possible but they are still just hard plastic pedals. They work well but, if feel you need greater grip, rubber or other material could be added into the 'Cleat Pedal' channels or by applying a full surface layer (e.g. glue on a rubber pad cut to shape). Again, not necessary but this is just something that may benefit some users.

Feedback from people using the 'Cleat Pedal' has been very positive. They find them convenient as it avoids the need to put their cycling shoes with cleats on for short city rides etc.

Please refer to the print settings and images provided for additional information and post images of your Cleat Pedals in use for other members to see,

Note: If you like this design check out the rest of my practical and fun designs.

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  • Дата публикации: 2019-07-05 14:08
    Опубликовано на Thingiverse on: 2019-06-03 05:48


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