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Emperor's Lion Guard

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Описание 3D-модели

UPDATE 6/7/2021 Netfabbed + reduced the size of Lion body file

Several variations of Emperor's Lion Guard can be made by using various parts included.

Special kind of Lions are breed for this elite unit of Royal Guard, selected and genetically modified much like the guardians themselves. Additionaly, these lions are implanted with experimental biomechatronic body parts for greater effect in battle.

The lions are covered in armour made of small Power Shields which consist of a thin sheet of Plasteel with a power field generator that produces a power field of disruptive shimmering energy sufficient to cover the surface of the shield and deflect fire and attacks by melee weapons.

A big thank you to all the amazing sculptors and modelers whose free creations I've used, you guys rock!

Here's a list of credits:

Yasashii - lion body
M3DM - lion head
jimsbeanz - shield, sword
Winterburn - pauldrons, helm, pistol, arms, misercordia, wings
Kolhell - rider body
andrewmracette - arm
yaemhay - armour parts
Chewbeckett - armour parts
Solutionlesn - armour part, exaust
Uglyduckling81 - armour parts, halo
airinhere - armour part
Plasmastorm - armour part
da_sub00 - armour part
SevenUnited - armour part
Sebtheis - tail, armour parts
PhysUdo - armour part
Simba - lion for shoulderpad
cornivius - purity seals
leesedrenfort - custodes lance, helm
JoshSTLsharer - cape
moodyswing - axe
Landon Alumbaugh - helm

(If by any chance I've left someone out please let me know)

Also a great thanks to Games Workshop, for stealing all the best book and movie ideas and mixing them together into an awesome setting we all enjoy.

Copyright infringement is not intended. All parts are created freehand in 3d modeling software, no copyrighted product had been scanned or copied in any way. These models are for personal use as proxies and should never be sold. If it causes copyright issues, I will remove it.

Информация файла 3D-принтера

  • Формат 3D-дизайна: RARиSTL Детали папки Закрыть
    • Cape.stl
    • Lion Body and Rider Legs (repaired).rar
    • Lion_Rider_Parts.rar
    • thicker cape.stl

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Kitbashed so much stuff I ran out off models, but then fortunately discovered meshmixer. That's the program models here are done with.

After a while got into Blender and opened a Patreon where I create my own original models, improved, modular and pre-supported.



Atlan Forge Patreon is a place where you can get Sci-fi/Fantasy 3D printable miniatures for tabletop gaming. Being a lifelong fan of mythology and history of ancient cultures, it’s great fun to incorporate those elements into the models I make. Here you will find wargaming and D&D proxies with familiar Greek, Nordic, Egyptian and many other ancient flavours woven into them. There will also be Medieval, Gothic and Great war influenced miniatures.

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