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Day 15: Santa Claus

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Last update 2018-07-11 18:15
Publication date 2015-12-17 09:54
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The legend of Eric the schoolboy

Long ago in Paris at the time when the Eiffel Tower did not yet exist, a young boy named Eric, was walking on the roofs of the capital. He felt alone in this immensity, because he had no one to play with. His father was a sculptor and his mother, when the disease does not forced to stay in bed, painted canvases in his small workshop.

But that night of December 24 was different: his desire was heightened ... Indeed, very curious, the little boy had always dream to solve the mystery of Santa Claus. His entourage gave him many clues and told his story: first his parents and his teachers at school. But everyone seemed to have its own version. Eric was determined to know the truth.

It was then that the fall of that night of 24 December, Eric went on the roofs of his apartment. Wrapped in his thick fur coat, and as usual, he began to observe the heights of Paris. He looked at the stars long minutes, the Big Dipper and Orion, and then the moon. Then he saw him pass just before her shadow. He then went to hide behind the fireplace. He then saw a sleigh with eight reindeer including one with a large bright red nose. He then shifted his gaze, and realized that it was really just a big guy. He was dressed all in red and white, with black shoes. No doubt from the description we had made to this character: it was Father Christmas!

A few moments later, while Eric was still huddled in his hiding place, he heard: "I'm stuck, I'm stuck! ". He looked in the direction of the fireplace, and then discovered that fat stuck character. He could not believe it. He then had the urge to keep proof of the miracle through the knowledge imparted by his father, he made a snow sculpture to reproduce as faithfully as possible the scene. But the snow in contact with his warm hands burst ... He hastened to bring the sculpture to his father, who hastened also, reproduce but terracotta. And so the statue: "Santa Claus stuck in a chimney" was born.

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