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SMB cal.68 - mega pack - 28 exclusive ammunition designs

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Licence CULTS - частное использование
Last update 2021-02-08 14:52
Publication date 2021-02-06 14:40
Design number 286301
3D design format
STL Детали папки Закрыть
  • T23-41 round head twist Slug no metall cal.68.stl
  • T23-42 round head twist bullet can add weight w 8mm metall ball cal.68.stl
  • T23-43 skincrusher twist bullet must add 8mm metall ball cal.68.stl
  • T23-44 round head twist Slug 1x4,5mm BB cal.68.stl
  • T23-45 round head twist Slug 2x4,5mm BB cal.68.stl
  • T23-46 round head twist Slug 8mm BB tip cal.68.stl
  • T23-47 Turbo-Twist Bullet with sharp tip no metall cal.68.stl
  • T23-48 Turbo-Twist Bullet for 8mm round ball tip cal.68.stl
  • T23-49 Turbo-Twist Bullet cal.68 for cal.22 pellet 5,5mm Diabolo.stl
  • T23-50 Turbo-Twist Bullet 1x4,5mm BB cal.68.stl
  • T23-51 Turbo-Twist cruher no metall cal.68.stl
  • T23-52 skin shredder shot cal.68 with 3+1 sharp tips (no metal required).stl
  • T23-54 Turbo-Twist Arrow for 2,8mm steel nail cal.68.stl
  • T23-55 Painmaker with 3+1 sharp tips no metal cal.68.stl
  • T23-56 Turbo-Twist for Arrow 6mm arrow tip cal.68.stl
  • T23-60 fillable Rocket cal.68.stl
  • T23-62 fillable Rocket Tip for 4,5mm BB, pellet or metaltube.stl
  • T23-63 fillable Rocket Tip for exploding fire caps (from toy guns).stl
  • T23-65 Turbo-Twist Bullet cal.68 for 8mm round ball tip.stl
  • T23-69 Turbo-Twist first strike 8mm BB.stl
  • T23-77 Turbo-Twist first strike 8mm BB.stl
  • T23-78 First Strike 8mm.stl
  • T23-79 Tripple Twist First Strike 3x6mm.stl
  • T23-80 Ball Pusher 8mm BB.stl
  • T23-81 Ball Pusher 4,5mm BB.stl
  • T23-83 fuckyou slug cal.68.stl

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Информация о 3D файле

Описание 3D-модели

slugs, bullets, fillable Rockets, shotshells, magfed slugs.. and 2 little tools for pushi in the BBs

Here they are - now!

20 of our best cal. Bullet designs for the popular Big Bore revolvers.

• Projectiles for various purposes, such as target shooting
home defense, experimets and plinking.

• Due to the special shape of the slug-tails, which have
slanted wings or grooves, the projectiles are transferred to a
fast longitudinal rotation during the shot, whereby they
stabilize in flight and fly very good straight.

• There are projectiles where you don't have to add any metal
at all, but also bullets where 4.5 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm BBs
are used as tips or steel cores.

• This means that a wide range of bullet weights for different
bullet speeds and performance strengths are included.

• All projectiles in this package are professionally designed
and extensively tested. Some of them, such as the "T23-
83 FuckYou Slug", T23-78 &-79" exclusive magfed slugs for hammer away everything, "T23-54 TurbuTwistArrow", "NOMetall SkinCrusher with sharp bladelikew tips" etc.,
have been successfully printed and marketed by us for some

If you have any questions, just write to me or leave a comment. I would also be very happy about photos here on cults3d of your printed slugs.

I offer my 3D print files are only for private use!
Commercial use is expressly prohibited.

Настройки 3D-печати

PLA works best
layer: 0,2mm
infill: 50%
speed: +-50mm/s
no supprts!

In order to create an optimal adhesion to the printing bed with PLA, try to level the first layer rather low.

For the best possible quality of your slug-prints with no rework, it is recommended to always print several slugs in one pass, so that the parts have enough time to cool down until the hot nozzle travels the next layer over it.
If you just wants to test a design, firstly print best 6 pieces. With a printing plate of 20x20cm (f.e. Anycubic mega or Prusa MK3) it is possible to place approx. 100 cal.50 slugs.

Attention - only for personal use!


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