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Darth Vader - 3D Printable Reveal Helmet

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Описание 3D-модели

3D Printable Darth Vader Helmet - With Reveal Face Mask 3D print model

Designed specifically for 3D printing, this deluxe Darth Vader helmet will be the pride of your collection. Comprising of 42 parts (plus optionals) this package covers the Episode IV inspired Darth Vader mask where his face is finally revealed. Like the movie, the back of the face mask is cut out, there is a full neck piece and dome to accompany the face mask.

To keep slicing a breeze, every individual part of this helmet was processed to reduce its size. In it's original state before processing, it is around 2GB. This is a high res helmet! After processing, all 43 parts come in at around 142mb. The largest part being around 15mb in size, which is completely within workable slicing standards.

The horzontal grills in the facemask forehead are actually grills also to allow for breathing.

We also included an option non-grill mouth piece for those wishing to add their own grill. A non-grill chin piece can also be obtained by messaging us if you require.

The mask has been designed for you to be able to take the Dome on and off, which locks in place with a solid 6 pin system, so it won't rattle around and mounts snug onto the face mask. The facemask has small cut outs on the side and under the mouth that also assist with lining up and assembly.

Instead of going overboard on printable wiring that is difficult to print, we scaled back and just did the piping for the internal twin microphone props. All accessories are plug fitted, they will require glue but will actually fit without quite snug.


We have done everything for you!

All pieces are cut and repaired using a professional grade repairing tool, all pieces are placed dead flat at 0,0,0 on the build surface for you. We have tried very very hard to ensure all you need to do is load the file, select your settings and press print.

We include comprehensive instructions for all parts (the assembly guide has been uploaded for your viewing)

This suit is cut for a 20xcmx15cmx15cm build plate (ie Wanhao/CTC/Flashforge) but parts will fit on a 15x15x15cm plate, just oriented differently.

All parts can be cut again and if you require any assistance with cutting parts smaller OR you would like the full piece of a part (ie you would like the chest in one piece) as long as you have purchased the pack, like a piece of software or hardware, we will support you on it regardless - as many edits as you require - from printing to finishing.


Since parts will be sanded and painted, we suggest 0.2-0.3mm layer height.

We suggest a 3-10% infill rate to keep the weight of the parts down. A full suit can be quite heavy if given too much infill.

Supports / Rafts
This is really up to you and your printer. These days printers with great cooling can perform some serious overhangs, it's going to come down to you knowing your printer and how what it's capable of. Please ask us a message in the comments if you would like to know more.

We are in no way affiliated with Disney or
Lucas Arts, this is a fan made representation.

Star Wars and all related material are
registered trademarks of LucasFilm Ltd.,
or their respective trademark/copyright holders

Настройки 3D-печати

Print at 0.3 as sanding and priming will sort the rest out.

Информация файла 3D-принтера

  • Формат 3D-дизайна: STL Детали папки Закрыть
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part1.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part10.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part11.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part12.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part13.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part14.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part15.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part16.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part17.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part18.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part19.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part2.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part20.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part3.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part4.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part5.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part6.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part7.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part8.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Dome_Part9.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_FaceMask_TopConnector.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P1.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P2.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P3.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P4.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P5.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P6.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P7.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P8.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P9.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Facemask_P9_NO_GRILL.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Front_Neck_Part1.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Front_Neck_Part2.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Front_Neck_Part3.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Front_Neck_Part4.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Front_Neck_Part5.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Mask_LEFT_Accessories.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_Mask_RIGHT_Accessories.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_RearNeck_Part1.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_RearNeck_Part2.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_RearNeck_Part3.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_RearNeck_Part4.stl
    • Hex3D_Vader_RearNeck_Part5.stl

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