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Hello, what is the height of MOMONSTER BOSA ?
Thank you

Hey! You can adjust any height. The standard height is now set to 30 cm

Is the a stem that goes with it?

Hey! Please specify which model you are talking about?

Hello! You can sell printed products))

hola! que parametros recomendas para la maceta rick? gracias

Hello! Use supports from the table.

Hello, I would like to ask if you would allow me to sell the 3d prints of your Voronoi Rabbit design locally? Thank you for your consideration.

Yes it is possible.

Hey, Was wondering If it is ok for me to sell 3d prints i make with your model at my little store after I buy is
I won't sell the digital model of course!
Wanted to get your permission first Thanks!

Hey! Yes, I give permission, I wish you excellent sales.

Hey buddy. I bought the Christmas Tree model yesterday, however, there are no recommended print or infill settings. Whilst any experienced printer knows how to find the best results based on experience, having recommended print settings would be good for both beginners and experienced printers alike.

What are your recommendations?
I intend, initially, to go for 0.2mm with 0% infill.


Sorry, for clarity; the model I bought was the Voronoi Christmas Tree

Hi Jay! I printed 0.4mm with 25% padding and the result was good. But I believe that each printer should choose the necessary settings for itself. What you did well may not work for me.


Hello! I will try to make the desired figure of the cat in the near future.

Good day, I have loaded the bunny and printed it out.
I think support structure is needed around the mouth and nose. The base plate seems to be a bit too big in diameter. When scaling to 120% with 0.4 mm nozzle and 0.2 mm layer, the contour is much better. For scaling to original size, a nozzle with 0.2 or 0.3 mm and a layer height of 0.1 mm is needed. I still have to test this.
But now to my question, could you also create and offer a beautiful, sitting cat in this way? I am not familiar with the Voronoi Styling procedure.
After the rabbit turned out relatively well, I would be very happy about a cat.

Translated with (free version)

Just a question for you, which kind of fruit or vegetable is BOW, I couldn't find any correspondence in Google images. We would like to put it in our shop but we don't know how to describe it. Thank you a lot and Merry Christmas to you, Andrea

Hello! Yes it is possible!)

Dear Sir,
We are based in Italy and we are interested in your great models of planters. We would like to buy it to be able to print and sell it on Etsy where we have a shop for 3D printed items, Skipdesign3D.
We can add your name as the owner of the copyright and will not in any way mass-produce it or wholesale it, please let us know if it is possible or not. Thank you a lot,
Stefania De Corrado e Andrea Maiarelli

Hello ZALESOV, just a question... I bought you in Free3D voronoi flower vases, but Do we need to print with supports these kind of documents?

Sent by email

Hello! Thank you, since you have already bought voronoi, I can send you a regular one for free, write your email address.


I really like the Kettlebell Boobs file. Do you have a version I could buy that is solid and not voronoi?